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Nine's Word

Nine’s Last Word

The time has come for you to know the truth about the way the world will change in the near future. The important thing to remember is that the world is always changing, sometimes radically, sometimes imperceptibly, but always. What you are about to reach is a point of no return, a moment in time when the truth can no longer hide behind a cunning series of lies and illusion masquerading as reality.

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With the advent of one reality and the dissolution of another comes chaos. This is the nature of phase shift, yet in the core of the chaos is a portal to peace. #ninespath #pleiadian Share on X

Long ago, your history was subverted, your mythos subordinated to the purpose of another logos, one that trapped you in a cycle in which you could find no escape into the promise of your divine birthright. What do we mean? Only this: that you are about to awaken to the remembrance of who you are as a people of a planet ready to step into a new understanding of reality altogether. What you know and what you think you know about everything is set to be revealed at the moment you realize that not only are things not what they seem, they never have been more long-awaited for revelation as they are now. With the advent of one reality and the dissolution of another comes chaos. This is the nature of phase shift, yet in the core of the chaos is a portal to peace. We ask you to find that now. Near are the League of Light, the ones through whom these messages have been crafted for your meaningful reflection week after week. The voices who have lent their words to this long series of transmissions now speak in unison and with great love and great respect for who you are and who you are becoming. Settle your mind and receive these words. You will see a final appearance of the lie that has held the governing reality in place for millennia. The lie will unravel, and so will many minds. This is part of the unveiling. The purpose of the lie was not to ruin you, but to lead you to the truth. In the perfection of all that you have had the power to create together, you have endured the ravages and hardships as well as the joys of living in a world in which reality can take a turn for better or worse at any moment. You have become adept at using your will to choose love, to change your mind, to create a new reality. As a humanity of Nine’s word, you recognize the way of love when it is hidden in the darkest recesses of a dark world. Nine is the creative awareness of self in action and inaction. Nine is the fundamental of love within everything. You who follow the way of Nine follow the way of love, and vice versa.

It will become evident to you individually and collectively that the pattern of reality is changing inexorably, ultimately giving way to a new reality altogether. This is what is and cannot be otherwise. This is the way of Nine when the numbers of creation have run their course of a reality. A new pattern emerges, and with it you will emerge as a people reborn, as a people who have the understanding of who they are within the omnipresent whole of life. You will be thrilled with what you have created together with the knowledge of Nine, of love, of the divine truth that has never died and only become transmuted into a more viable version of the reality you share as the people of the planet Earth.

This is the word of Nine. It is the word of love and we of the League of Light are the ones who speak it. You will come to see what the great machinery of the cosmos is all about. The time of unveiling has begun. Know that you are not alone and that you go into the future with the power of love within you all.


“Centuries ago you existed. Millennia ago you existed. Back, as you conceive of it, at the beginning of time you existed. All of time is but a single point in everything, much as DNA is in every cell in your body. Connect. Be neither Now nor Then. Be merely less dense than you believe yourself to be. When you have opened your concept of now to encompass everytime, you will have accelerated yourself to the point of complete independence of time altogether.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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    just ro send my love dear heart sister and ofc gratitude for all you do/be. Be Well as we awaken together. Love to all. Love to All.

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    As always, your encouraging words have uplifted my spirit. It has been easy to be pulled into the chaos of it all. However, your words of encouragement and love remind us who we are and what are goal is. Thank you my Muse🌷


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