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New on FAQ: Is There a God?

Nine’s Path’s FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions — a renegade twist on your typical FAQ page — offers new food for thought.

Nine’s Path’s FAQ page is unique among FAQs in general. It doesn’t seek to answer technical questions about the site, its function or origins. While you’ll find links to such information readily enough there (we are nothing if not thorough), in typical Pleiadian Renegade style, you’ll find questions designed to raise your awareness and deepen your understanding. Simultaneously.


In fact, the list of questions on Nine’s Path’s FAQ page are indeed frequently asked by spiritual seekers and ponderers on the questions of ET life every day. Are the Pleiadians real? What is the nature of their life? Will there be a planetary evacuation because of catastrophic destruction of the Earth? Things like that cross the minds of many people all the time. Maybe not overtly, maybe not constantly, but somewhere in the back of the mind, they lurk.

That’s what the Frequency Adjustment Questions seek to answer. And if not answer, at least guide to self-supported understanding.


Today, another answer has been added to the growing collection. “Is there a God?” is a question that’s been on the list for a while, answered only with the placeholder “To come.”

Now there’s a response, long and thought-provoking. It draws the mind open to the breadth of human experience on a world of constant change and cryptic mysteries in what is left of forgotten history. Relics of an ancient past hold hints of ancient mind, ancient ritual, ancient relation to nature and the world beyond this manifest one. What is our current concept of God, and how does it compare to the way our ancestors related to divinity? It’s a good question among those on the FAQ, and deserved attention, finally.

Is there a God? The lastest on Nine's Path's FAQ (Frequency Adjustment Questions) offers new food for thought and a renegade twist on the idea of FAQs. #ninespath #isthereagod #divinity Click To Tweet

I suppose the time had come for this to finally be addressed. The insistent tap on the shoulder let me know to turn my attention in that direction again. After all, it’s been a while since there’s been an addition to the list of Frequency Adjustment Questions. Which brings to mind the thought that it might be well worth browsing through the other questions. I invite you to set aside some time and mental space to see what the FAQ is all about on Nine’s Path. It could answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

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