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Videos Now on Brighteon and BitChute

Slowly, expansion happens. Before you know it, there’s a whole new space to explore in a new way. In this article: Re-visioning the original channelings, and expansion onto new video platforms.

Nine’s Path has been on YouTube for more than ten years now, under various banner art and linked to the various incarnations of the website you see now. Evolution being what it is, the video presence for the League of Light is modulating, expanding into new space, and re-visioning the original transmissions.

Most recently, that took the form of new twice-weekly guidance messages. How are you liking them? Leave a comment below or on the videos! I’d love to hear your feedback. Next thing in the pipeline…


When I first began making videos of the direct voice transmissions, the first being Anica in 2009, I was a relative novice at the art of YouTubing. Admittedly, I have only learned through experience, and unlike some other YouTubers, I haven’t studied the intricacies of it. Just too much happening. Looking back at the way I made the videos, stumbling through the creative processes of visuals and audio enhancements, I finally came to the present mindset that a pure delivery is what’s called for now. Get the message to you, offer a transcendent experience, and make things relevant and easy to digest.

You’ll be seeing those original channeled transmissions undergoing a transformation of their own, with a focus on consistency and heightened experience. As of now, I’ve got them mostly repackaged, with just a few more to attend to. They’re enhanced in this way:

  • Consistent introductions give you a clear bridge from your “now” into a few moments with the Pleiadians
  • Simple but high-definition looped videos allow you to settle back and drink in the energies of the spoken word with a complementary visual experience
  • Clearly titled thumbnails make searching and finding easy, both on the channel and in the recommended video list

Here, I have to insert a thank-you 🙏 to my patrons for the generous support that allows me to give you a better experience. Using professional-quality materials helps me enhance your participation in the energies and encodements.


The first of these re-visioned transmissions to be released are the original solstice transmissions from Asket. Beginning with her 2015 message, released on Dec. 17, they’ll all come online a day at a time, with the 2016 message on Dec. 18, and the 2018 message on Dec. 19. (There was no solstice transmission from Asket in 2017.) Will there be a new solstice message from her this year? Even I don’t know that as I sit here writing this. We shall see. If you’re subscribed on YouTube, Brighteon, or BitChute, you’ll be the first to know, after me!


Asket’s other messages are standing in the wings awaiting upload, as are Anica’s and the few other voice transmissions. These will all be added bit by bit. However, if you’d like to re-experience Anica’s transmissions, as powerful and full of grace as they are, you can get a sneak preview through the ko-fi club perks. Supporters to Nine’s Path through — no matter the amount — get a link to the as-now unlisted videos. Satisfy your yen for Anica’s mellifluous tones AND keep Nine’s Path sparkling! Remember, I depend on you as much as you depend on me to keep these transmissions coming. 🤗


YouTube has been the pre-eminent video platform for a very long time, no kidding. It’s been great at hosting Nine’s Path and will remain the mainstay of the video presence. However, with options comes choice. Now you can watch League of Light videos on two new platforms: Brighteon and BitChute.

Nine’s Path on BrighteonGo to Brighteon

Nine’s Path on BitChuteGo to BitChute

As of this moment, the offerings on both Brighteon and BitChute are minimal, but I’ll be uploading more, soon and frequently.


Why extend the videos onto new sites? Not everyone likes YouTube, I totally understand. Brighteon and BitChute are but two relatively new sites for hosting video uploads that serve alternative audiences. There’s never been a better time for more people to discover the work of the League of Light, as the world teeters on the edge of what looks like massive change. This way, people who are looking for the information can find it more easily.

Here’s the deal, though. I am one person. I produce everything, from the writing to the finished videos, with no one else in the production flow. My job is to get this information and the encodements that are built into the messages online and active. However, I rely on subscribers to signal that they’ve gotten the message and have taken a critical next step: helping other people get it.

I know the messages find the right person at the right time. With all the information online right now, though, I have to rely on you to help spread the messages.


It’s really simple. When you watch, and you like what you get, hit the thumbs up. This helps videos like the one you just watched to show up on people’s recommended videos. If you haven’t subscribed, hit the subscribe button. This keeps the channel healthy and going. Finally, share the videos online, through social media, with those in your network who you’d think are open to receive.


If you’d like to sponsor this work, to have a little hand in its development, consider buying a coffee. They’re as little as $3 apiece; monthly support is easy to do at, and greatly appreciated ❤️

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