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Weekly Video Messages

Weekly messages from the Pleiadians on video are now online. Catch them twice a week, Thursdays, with a midweek update on Mondays.

For some time now, the Pleiadians have been delivering twice-weekly messages illustrated with the archetypal images of tarot, at the Pleiadian Tarot website (part of Nine’s Path). The response to these has been overwhelmingly positive.

Weekly Guidance Videos on YouTube

The written messages, with accompanying archetypal tarot images, lend themselves very well to standalone messages in their own right. I got the nudge from the crew to try posting them in video format, without the tarot card references, and the result is fantastic! These messages are a way for the League of Light crew to stay in touch with us on a regular basis, and the video editions are short enough for a quick check-in to keep on the path of personal evolution.

I understand that the medium of tarot isn’t for everyone. For me, after delivering the many collections of transmissions you find archived here, or gathered into book form, the short-form, crystallized weekly messages were a welcome relief when they shifted into view. These are not typical tarot readings, after all. The weekly messages have always been transmissions from the League of Light, articulated through and illustrated with the archetypes and details on the tarot deck. Find out more on that particular deck here, and the story of how that came to be.


Following the format of the weekly messages that have been coming through for the past several years on Pleiadian Tarot, the video messages remain consistent, thereby deepening your potential intake of the transmissions.

Thursday’s main post features a weekly message broken into three main sections, plus a summary:

  • Foundation: The core of current underlying thoughtstreams
  • Lodestone: A sort of compass helping you to find your orientation inward and outward
  • Most OM-ward Direction: Finding the way toward enhanced authenticity

You can find a more detailed description of these sections here. In addition, the Thursday message includes a specifically paired short passage from the pages of the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity as a weekly contemplation.

Monday’s midweek update is whimsically dubbed “Keeping On the Path”, and is a quick reference to help maintain your balance and momentum within whatever energies are being activated around you in the context of the weekly message.


The video editions of these messages are in a playlist of their own on the Nine’s Path YouTube channel, here. They’re also featured on a page on Nine’s Path website here, as well as on the Pleiadian Tarot website here. (Note: I’m in the process of expanding the video footprint online, and will be announcing other venues where you can find video material from Nine’s Path! Subscribe to the newsletter to be sure you get updates on new developments like this.)


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