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Fear Is Belief

Fear can disguise itself in many ways. It is sly. Take a moment and assess what’s in front of you now. Review all the things other people (parents, siblings, teachers, friends…) have done, all the choices they made according to their own current life conditions and personal beliefs. What seems to have affected you, or been done “to” you, may really only be something that existed in their own reality. As soon as you see this, you can be free from it, and all the beliefs that you have allowed to be built upon it. Walk away, breathe deep, and be. How empowering is this to you, right now?

“Your fear is rooted in belief. Your belief is rooted in an action. The action was taken without your participation, and did not concern you directly. It merely was. When all the actions taken by others during the course of your life are done and in the past, they can be no longer applicable to you. Rather, let them go. You have work to do. You can no longer be concerned with actions others took regarding their own life. You need only be concerned with how you respond. So maybe now is a good time to forgive and move on.”

— from Notes from The Order


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