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Anica's Notebook

Dark Shadows from the Past Are Gone: Video

This reading of a message from Anica, a Pleiadian in service to the League of Light, encourages us to look beyond the limitations of history and culture, and to extend our reach into a more galactic sense of self.

“Beyond the edges of memory lay vast fields grown wild with neglect. For longer than you can recall, the gates to the fields have been locked, the way to them forgotten, forbidden, empty but for spirits of the past. Many have tried to keep the memory of the fields alive; a fractured patchwork has survived, distilled into symbol and esoteric secrets. Some risen minds, of late, have gleaned anew the living sentience that has waited rediscovery. Long eons has the truth of your history been shrouded in shadow. The time has come for those shadows to dissipate, and in the liberated light of remembrance for all to recognize themselves in each other…”

No more will you be able to hide within the comfort of what you had held as sacred. What truly is sacred will be right before you, to confront and to understand. #ninespath #anicasnotebook Click To Tweet
Whatever you choose, in regard to this communication, history is at the brink of collapse. Our friendship, our kinship, is very real. #ninespath #anicasnotebook Click To Tweet

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