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Anica's Notebook

Lend Yourself to Now: Video

In this direct voice transmissions, Anica, a Pleiadian in service to the League of Light, asks us to dive deeper into the divine nature within ourselves.

“As you see what appears to be a great drama unrolling itself before you with alarm and cries of fakery and realizations of illusions that have been portrayed as reality for a very long time, become aware within yourself of what you’re allowing yourself to believe, of the truth you’ve been taught to hold without question, the truth of what you perceive as divinity yourself, in the purity of your being, in the most unadulterated, childlike aspect of yourself.”

As a great drama unrolls itself before you with cries of fakery and illusions portrayed as reality, be aware of what you’re allowing yourself to believe. #ninespath #anicasnotebook Click To Tweet

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