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Changing Address

Breaking the Bonds of Time

Since the great war began millennia ago, many Pleiadian men and women have been trapped on the Earth, isolated from their home and families. Many of you who read these words understand them as personal truth, and some will have remembrances awakened. To you we say, we have waited long for this day, when we stand in mutual recognition of each other as members of a mission, and say “Welcome home!” If you do not have immediate recognition of the historical turn of events which we reference, read on. We shall relate to you a short introduction of history beginning well beyond any sources you may have read. In the telling of the tale will be opportunity for reflection on the immensity of time and how it is possible to be free of its bonds.

To begin, we will assume you have some familiarity with the legend of Lyra, which recounts the destruction of a planet by the actions of pirates. It is recounted elsewhere, and is mirrored in your own more recent legend of the destruction of Atlantis. The destruction of the planet of Lyra marks the beginning of our history as Pleiadians, just as the destruction of Atlantis marks the beginning of your history as Earth humans, at least some of you.

In the tomorrow that came after the Lyran human woke up to being without a home, the various outposts of human civilization sprang up in places all over the galactic map, some where humans had long been settled, some new to the Lyrans. Pleiadian humans settled on the planets of the stars you call Pleiades, and other stars became home to other humans. Pleiades we mention, for that is the home system of we who speak with you now. It is our version of history we relate, and it is the history of many other star-civilizations as well. Basically, it reads thus: Bandits, or pirates, or, more simply, entities of ill disposition brought destruction to an otherwise peaceful social setting. Some people escaped and settled in other places. The ill-disposed entities also spread their settlements across the galaxy. The pattern repeats until it is broken. This moment in time is one point of possible pattern-breaking, and already it is showing signs of non-repeating.

The destruction of Lyra marks the beginning of our history as Pleiadians; the destruction of Atlantis marks the beginning of your history as Earth humans. Click To Tweet

For millennia, the under-nourished hearts of humans on the planets of Pleiades and other stars sought to come to some kind of reasoning that would give them hope. Hearts have a reasoning capability apart from the mind of the brains, you see. In the aftermath of destruction, the mind of humanity had fractured. It was the heart to which the renegade settlements had to look for a sane way forward. We say “renegade” because these bands of displaced Lyrans had no home; they only had each other and what memories that survived. These were their sustenance in the early days of their wanderings. We do not use the word as a political designation, except in the sense that they rejected the authority of pirates to rule over them. It is a source of some internal sense of survival as humans unbreaking, to use the term “renegade” as we do.

These settlements soon began to search for each other, to establish communication, and to come to deeper understanding of themselves as humans of a common source. Bonds formed, thereby strengthening their foothold of civilization. The process of healing could then begin, and in various ways, it did. One by one, each outpost forged its identity within the greater galactic community, as humans and as Pleiadians, Sirians, Procyonians, and many others. The brotherhood of common ancestry extends also to the humans of Earth, even to other planets of other timelines. There are may stories we could tell, but we focus on our shared tale. Earth is an outpost of particular significance, for it is the planet on which the broken psyche of galactic humanity has come to seek its ultimate reintegration. Not only humanity, but all of life on Earth is present within the confines of time and the limitations of space and forgetfulness to achieve the Self of human consciousness. What is happening on your sphere of reality is of great interest to countless civilizations, both before and after the time in which you exist now. We offer what we can and join with you in consciousness so that we may learn as you learn, so that we heal as you heal, and so that we can welcome you home, who have sojourned long on this path to wholeness.

There were episodes in your planetary history which mirrored episodes of galactic history. Not only the legendary Atlantis, but other planetary civilizations fell, as other galactic civilizations did. Such are lost to you, save for a few clues embedded in rock. The effect of loss and breaking down is similar to what we, as one of many galactic civilizations, have experienced. Over time, we have healed much of our own brokenness. Every outpost has had opportunity to reintegrate, and some have further fractured—largely due to the influence, direct or indirect, of said band of marauding pirates. It is an ancient conflict, as many of you well sense. The conflicts that have marked your own history, as a planetary civilization, as nations, tribes, even as individuals, are of the same nature. Those events that unfolded into your present planetary situation in some way have their origin in a long-ago and far-away place and time. The resolution is not so far off, however, and how events unfold from there will determine, to some extent, the resolution of humanity’s psychic brokenness. In peace is integration achieved, and in integration is peace. All else reflects incomplete being.

We will continue this narrative at this point. Outposts sent people to Earth, with the hope of healing the pain they carried by reliving the trauma through conscious interaction with the humans of Earth, both native and seeded. Here is another tale, which we will tell later on in the historical saga. It is not exactly as some would have you believe, for reasons which will eventually become apparent. Many of the people whom you regard as avatars, teachers, and saints have been, in fact, humans of other planets here to help the people of Earth in times of trouble. When there is a lot at stake regarding humanity’s ultimate ability to be, we step in. It is not to save you, but to help you remember that we do. Remember what? That you are responding to the conscious divine in your experience, that all is not lost—yet—and that you are loved. I AM is in all. In responding to that consciousness, you respond to the potential of perfection within yourself, within all. In responding with remembrance of love of self, I AM LOVE brings you face to face with divinity. This is what we remind you of, and what brings us to the end of this chapter in the saga. You are in the final acts of a drama that has played out over countless eons of time. It was long ago it began, cutting a wide swath of pain through the stars. In stepwise fractal unfolding, time focuses on your now for its final trip of light. The days ahead are full of wonder, and we are here to remind you of your power and your origins. The next chapter will start from there.

There were episodes in your planetary history which mirrored episodes of galactic history, not only the legendary Atlantis. Click To Tweet

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