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Changing Address

Into the Inner World of Peace We Go

You have had your time of ignorance about the world’s state of enslavement, and you have had your time of being angry. You come to a choice point, a bifurcation of destiny, if you like, with the realization that there is more to waking up to the truth than being grouchy. It doesn’t change the fact that you are waking up, but it does make your day less pleasant an experience to hang onto your rage at the nightmare you have been enmeshed in. One in the horror of the dream gone bad has less to fear in waking up than in staying under the covers, we promise you that. It is not the method of logic to create in order to destroy, for the self does not seek annihilation but assimilation into itself. The brutality you have witnessed on your planet is coming to a timely end, in the throttle-down of the war machine, in the realization that you have an option of peaceful coexistence in a reality that is only now being instilled among the sleeping masses.

If you could make a single choice, today, that would bring a reality of peace into being for all people everywhere, even the demons and the demonized, would you make it without hesitation? It can be so if you will it to be. In your mind’s structure, you as a people have some vestiges of retribution lingering in the form of justice teaching the bad guys a thing or two, giving them a dose of their own medicine; you may think that to be in the interest of human survival and doing the right thing. Realize that we do not say this for all but there is an undercurrent of inherent vengefulness that lay hidden within the folds of the litigious, fault-finding nature of the world you have been shaped by. There is no room for self-righteousness in the world of righteousness, and no need for any sense of righteousness that includes a search for resolving conflict through instigating punishment measure for measure. All is in order and the forces that have acted through certain people and structures are facing their own judgment. If there be no mercy for any of them, how can there be mercy for you, yourself, when you face the misdeeds of your own ignorance, committed in the darkness of fear and pain? It is not possible to draw a line, for love will stop at nothing to bring itself into its fullness of expression. Is it love that you choose? Be careful in answering this question, for love likes to disguise itself in mysterious ways. The one you might think has chosen the path of fear and doom might be waiting in the wings with a surprise of his own, utter transformation into a being of pure light. It isn’t impossible, you know. Let me share with you a bit of history which you might find useful at this point in your collective journey on Planet Earth. In learning the stories of humanity’s past encounters with what is commonly termed “evil” you may learn a thing or two about your present and how to change the course of your planet’s trajectory, philosophically speaking. It is into the inner world that we turn our attention now.

Is it love that you choose? Be careful in answering this question, for love likes to disguise itself in mysterious ways. #changingaddress #ninespath Click To Tweet

In the days of the far distant past, remnants of the human race being scattered as they were, there came a time of relative isolation between their planetary settlements. Much of the technology of interstellar travel had yet to be rebuilt, and commerce between the offshoots of civilization was limited to necessary trips, and few, to neighboring planetary systems. Earth, at this point, had not yet become part of the landscape of interactivity. It was a time of confusion for many civilizations and extremes of brilliant creativity matched by depraved conditions of decay and dissolution. The human race was redefining itself. No longer was there a race of humans and other races of other forms, but there were now races of various admixtures of human and other DNA struggling to unify their concept of what it was they were to each other. Pleiadians came into being, as did Sirians, each with their own set of defining features and cultural peculiarities. Orion is a sector of your sky home to many different kinds of lifeforms, the sentient of which were not always so interested in taking the characteristics of human DNA into their own genetic makeup. Some others were. And so began the lineages which today are still entrenched within the thinking of their ancestors. Here is where our story takes place.

In a corner of the Orion expanse of sky developed a skirmish between those who thought themselves pure expressions of beingness and those who thought themselves evolutionarily improved. Some inhabitants of Orion’s expanse were of a mind to exterminate those who had invaded their territory without invitation or warning. And some indeed acted upon their beliefs. Those who were on the receiving end of hostilities themselves became of a mind, to some extent, that these indigenous inhabitants posed a threat to their existence, and took up arms for their survival. Both factions sought life through means of death, and irreconcilable differences led to eventualities you can only characterize as a nightmare existence for each side. Purity morphed into monstrous abomination, and evolution descended into a mire of genetic degradation. In choosing polarity over integrity, each achieved an end unfit for continuation. What could be done but to turn the tide of time away from extinction of the very core of who they considered themselves to be, back towards wholeness as unique expressions of I AM existing within a multifaceted, fractally expansive universe of being? First, however, peace must be achieved within the heart of Orion, and that is where we come today. The reverberations of peace have come to the point of integration with the reverberations of change, and the forces that long had been at war in their hearts and minds are on the brink of transformation. What do they have to fight for now that they will not be who they had been for so long? It is only a matter of time before the transformation is complete and you are part of that wave of change sweeping through all of creation. The fractal turn is taking itself into another dimension of expression of I AM. The time for war is past, for the people of Earth and the people of Orion. It is the time for instilling peace into those who have for long generations been part of a machinery of death and destruction, of hate and mistrust and revulsion. It is not a case of good guys winning and bad guys learning a lesson; that is for your fairy tales and morality plays. It is a case of every soul coming to the point of completion of a path of experience and the opening of possibility in history to have their heart’s desire.

It is not a case of good guys winning and bad guys learning a lesson; that is for your fairy tales and morality plays. #changingaddress #ninespath Click To Tweet

What do warriors truly desire? You can point to stories of honor, fame, strength and gain, but these are mere trinkets compared to the treasure within the heart of a true warrior. Turn to your warrior heart and dive deep within, past the pain and the fatigue and the loss of humanity, the loss of the purity of being that reflects back to the source of your soul’s life the essence of experience as an embodiment of I AM. Go deep beyond the reasons and the rationale for struggle and into the core of what you are. What do warriors truly desire? Peace. It is the ultimate prize, the ultimate goal, the greatest treasure and most honorable of pursuits. It is the final satisfaction at the end of reason and the only thing really worth holding onto. It is the most potent weapon in the hands of a warrior, more permanent than death, more lasting than defeat. Peace is won only when the war within the heart is over, and cannot be imposed from without but only infused from within. Peace is the only thing that can break down the edifice of oppression and greed, it is the only thing that can defeat the will to fight. Peace is stronger than hate, it is more stable than order, it is more powerful than arch-enemies in heated combat with only death to win. Are you able to conquer peace? Never can it be so. Peace awaits discreetly while destruction upsets the perception of it in the mirror of reality that surrounds you. Within, it remains, the greatest source of strength, the abode of love’s power, at the core of your being.

Normally, you might have some question about a warrior fighting for peace. You have seen little evidence that it is possible, but some light does shine through the fabric of illusion of war and there is some hope that finally you might have a world free of armed conflict, free of threats to peace and well-being, free from the ravages of evildoers and malicious warlords. You do have that hope and you are on the brink of seeing it fulfilled. Orion awaits your heart’s decision. All of humanity is watching and listening, people of Earth. Is it in your ability to see the most cruel actor in the drama of life on Earth as a being awaiting release and transformation? Is it in your heart to forgive the wrongs you have yourself imparted to innocent beings who have suffered because of your own ignorance? Have you not understood the yearning for peace that exists frozen within the heart of a warrior, no matter what side of conflict he finds himself on? It is no different from the yearning for peace that lay bleeding within the heart of a child newly orphaned or homeless. You need not look far to find such a one as that. Can you forgive a world at war for the evils it has allowed to occur? Where do you stand in relation to peace? It is within your grasp, but first you must lay down what you wield in defense of what you believe yourself to be so that you may be the people of peace you are capable of becoming. It takes a warrior’s strength to meet the challenge of peace. What do you say when it is your own soul that begs for mercy? Within the depths of your heart is where you will find the answer.

Both factions sought life through means of death, and irreconcilable differences led to eventualities you can only characterize as a nightmare existence for each side. Click To Tweet What do warriors truly desire? Peace, the ultimate prize, the ultimate goal, greatest treasure and most honorable of pursuits. Orion awaits your decision. Click To Tweet

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    This is a message that should be read and re-read. Such an opportunity for us. If we so choose…..

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    Thank you so much for the effort you put into sharing these messages. They are truly inspiring and beautiful.

    I have been looking around on the different blogs you write. They have this uplifting feeling about them. Keep it up!

    Wish you all the best!

    – Espen

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    …and once peace within is located, the whole of one’s being exudes it. Others can see it and desire to emulate it or be taught what “you did” to get there. The whole world takes on a different hue. Each being and piece and part of the planet becomes alive with feeling.

    For me finding peace meant obliterating the old me and becoming born back into this body, but with a different inner expression.

    This article is not what I expected when I read the title. It’s difficult to convey feeling in the written word about an elusive aspect of being, yet this is exactly what is achieved. It helped me with a perspective as I read it but was lost afterward – I’ll have to read it again, and again, and again.


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