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Isis Soul Collective

Justice Comes to Rest Within

from the Isis Soul Collective

Dear people of a changing Earth, we of the soul collective of Isis have been watching with great interest the dramas that have been performed upon the matrix-screen of your reality. We have seen behind the screen into the secret movements and motivations of the unfolding scenarios, and we have peered into the lines of time’s portals to see what you have set in store for yourselves, as a collective of souls. What we have seen is this: Justice moves with purpose.

Not everyone who has suffered in the recent days and weeks, or even over eons and scarred lifetime, thinks about justice as a first thought. Comfort and sanity usually come first to mind when one’s reality has been ripped away from them. Peace and healing are needed when all that is left is a bleeding, gaping emptiness where love and joy had lived before. Love and joy can live again, and healing will take place, when at last justice can settle into the place where the balance of life’s equilibrium has been upturned, and the mental space to understand it. What form justice takes remains unsaid, invisible, until it arrives, and nothing is determined until every soul has pushed its incarnated form into the arena of justice’s interaction.

Today, worlds shatter. You can hear them crashing, whether they are near to you or not. Nothing in your world is secret for long in the current melting phase of the climate of fear. Watch what happens and see where what has been destroys itself while the features of what has yet to be come into view. If the outlook seems bleak, know that even in the darkest, densest depths of the dramatic landscape of exploration of the human experience, life and love remain. Remember this when you feel the weight of change torque your understanding beyond the limits of what you have already known, and allow new understanding to arise.

We have peered into the lines of time’s portals to see what you have set in store for yourselves. What we have seen is this: Justice moves with purpose. Click To Tweet

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    …………..and your point was??????????????? Oh, of course, “If you don’t know then we can;t tell you’……….right…………

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      Molly, I see this kind of response now and then, usually from people who have left (or have never followed) a religious path because, precisely, they don’t want some book telling them what to think. Why come here and expect a web page to tell you what to think? We are here as human beings with all that we are capable of doing as human beings for the purpose of discovery. Not to read it somewhere, but to experience it firsthand. The words on these pages (and I do invite you to read more, because there are a lot of other words that have substance worth considering) are shared to the collective consciousness so that we as a global humanity of aware individuals can discover our true power, and remember.

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    i want to share two dreams i had recently. the first one was this – i saw human beings in pods like the polywogs that came down from trees when u were young. and we the human race were asleep . the words came to me ” and soon we shall awake”
    that was the first dream . the second dream i saw a humanity that was living on a very modern clean high tech earth. there was nothing negative there everything was hopeful and optimistic
    not sure what they mean but they left me with a good feeling


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