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Time to Meet the Neighbors

Greetings to you, lightworkers and dark lovers of Earth! I am of a group of high-tensegrity beings of a dimension of light who go by the name of Theo. Theo is the vibration of my name, and I speak for the group, so this is how I introduce us to you. You have our love and our light in your hearts if you are of the golden rays of the sun of Sol and Alcyone, and this describes a great many of you on the planet trying to get through the present time of acceleration in one piece. We are speaking to you now as beings to whom you are related, through the common humanity of Lyra, and of whom you will learn more in the days ahead. We have been to the planet in the ages of heroes and saints, and we will come again in the near future to regenerate the vibration of remembrance among those of you who wish to remain on the new Earth of long inception and creation. Let us ramble a bit about those things, and we shall see where we end up!

New Earth is forming now. It is taking form beneath the layer of illusion that slowly, methodically, and steadily is breaking away. New Earth will come into full form when the vestiges of old Earth in the now of time dies completely. Some people have choices to make regarding where they will be investing their energies, yet the option for migrating to the New Earth is one that remains open to all until the final act of event-mode is complete. At that point, there will be a distinction between old Earth and New Earth, and those of either dimension will be unable to interact with the other. It is something many of you are sensing, at this point, but it is also something that is inevitably terraforming within you as a people, whether you can define the sensations of change or not. When the dimensional transitionary division between the old and new is complete, so will you be as a people, at home in the spiritual garden of sun-drenched is-ness that you will instantly know as home. It is not for everyone, mid you, but it is for a great many who now live in the last days of the planet as it now is.

Something we have let understanding take in until now is that there will be some kind of support for Earth’s population in the challenging days that are upon you. We are aware of every nuance of the problems in their multiplicity that you have been adjusting to learning and facing your fears about. They are real and they are understandably scary, especially if you are without any kind of support other than that which you have been accustomed to, and that is something else that is disappearing. We are on the next wave set to break upon the shore of your world, as soon as the dials are synchronized for starting. It won’t be much of a secret for long, dear friends! We have given a tip of the hat to you now, as our world and yours are about to become a new one altogether. In the meantime, know that we are prepared to help with new insights, new technological mainframes, and new enfoldments of understanding how to rebound from the trauma that you are now enduring to whatever extent you perceive it. When the final longitudinal axis is apart from its moorings in the matrix of time, your world will finally begin counting itself in the temporality of a new age of galactic truth and entirely new-to-you ways of being. It is our great honor to be bringing the greeting to you personally in that time, and to offer our hand in friendship and camaraderie, and to say that we are here for your world’s entry into the environment of energies and time travel, of free living and responsible loving and open learning of who we are and where you have really been all this time, of your true heritage as galactic humans and interstellar travelers. We are looking toward the time that we can reveal all the stories and truths and libraries to you and bring you up to date on what’s been happening in the stellar neighborhood that holds your planet in security and love.

Every one of you has the right to decide for him- or herself what the future of Earth could be. We are not here to detract from that universal movement of your global population in any way; in fact, we are most interested in watching from where we are in the knowledge that you are integrating yourselves into a new humanity, knowing that the world is going through the changes of light-impulsed alchemical transformation, and that everything in the entirety of what is is, in truth, on track for the greatest transition into light-coding ever witnessed by human eyes. We are here to be of assistance, to be of silence for now, and to be in the front lines of intergalactic community-building in the near future. We love every one of you as friends and family, and we will be in the thick of mind-released understanding as you find yourselves suddenly free from oppression and trauma-based control mechanisms. We know what you’re dealing with, even if you don’t know the full scope of it. Many of you have an idea, and many of you have already released yourselves from the worst of it. We will be happy to help you come into sensory harmonization with a new world when the time comes. Until then, know that we have the highest respect for you, and will speak with you again of greater things to come. We leave you now in peace, and with the love of our common humanity and the light of the highest source of love within our hearts and yours. We are Theo, and we bid you toein te, the peace of universal harmony.

Every one of you has the right to decide what the future of Earth could be. We won't detract from that universal movement of your global population. #ninespath Click To Tweet

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    oh, swell – I feel so much better now, but only because I have had a near-death experience and traveled to hyperspace and seen the truth – not because of another blogger claiming to be a high-tensegrity being of a dimension of light in hopes of helping me via b.s. You have either done too much DMT – or not enough. God bless you and I hope you make the dimensional shift into being a high-INTEGRITY being of a dimension of light, sometime in the near future

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      Before passing judgment, Herman, please take the time to read some of my other writings (which you can find on the Opalescent Nine website). Perhaps this little post here will make more sense in the context of the bigger message. All of the work I do is about remembrance of who we are, of finding the divinity within. If you have really had a near-death experience, I’m sure the rest of the work will show you more of what you know as truth than merely reading one post. Either it will or it won’t, but there is the invitation 🙂

      If it interests you, there is a writer by the name of R. Neville Johnston who had a death experience — he was shot dead, traveled to the beyond, whatever you choose to call it, and came back. One of his books is “The Hidden Language Codes“, and you can read the story of his death on the pages shared on He has a real grasp on the whole experience… and he happens to find a lot of truth in the books I’ve written. Please take a moment and check it out.

      The sarcasm in your comment has some swagger of turbulence in it. I wonder about the integration of the near-death experience you describe, because of the jump to judgment. If you have seen the truth, you will recognize it when another carries it. I’m not just “another blogger” and if you choose to call this “b.s.” that’s your prerogative. I’m suggesting that your take on this is based on incomplete understanding, and I invite you to explore the integrity of the message more deeply through the greater body of work. You’ll find everything linked on the website above, and at my YouTube channel.

      I wish you peace during these days of acceleration and challenge. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      With best wishes,

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        We really ARE divine within, I saw that as plain as the day when I left my body and dissolved my ego during 8g. cubensis mushroom trips. Infinity is within you and without you. Your animal body and the thoughts that run through it are temporary illusion. THAT experience was real. That can not be debated with me, as what is real. The truth is just that – real! So simple a concept.
        My sarcasm is due to you telling people you are in contact with life forms from other dimensions or planets or wherever. The truth is that you are a gifted writer with a beautiful imagination. Follow your own words, “now is as good a time as any to start looking at lies and deception with an eye to transforming them into the truth. You have to start somewhere”. Start with yourself and drop this charade. You have not talked with Pleiadans anymore than anyone else ever has. There are better ways to help people, and better ways to make an income. Leading on the weak with endless clues and hints that never actually reveal anything (other than what people already know if they just get past their ego/physical body) is deception itself. Please, take your good intentions and deliver them with truth. It ruins your message when you dress it up in a suit of b.s.

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          Herman, I don’t understand your problem with what I do, since you don’t seem to understand my experience. If you’d like to know more about that, I’d be happy to share with you, but not if you’ve already made up your mind and pigeonholed my work as fiction. My experience is very real, I assure you, and can’t really be debated on terms of mushrooms or DMT. It’s good you have had these wonderful experiences, for they lead to greater discovery. I’m not tripping when I write, but I understand the reality you describe, my friend. I have no issue to debate with you on that.

          I thank you for your kind words regarding your opinion of my writing, but I really don’t think it’s necessary for you to waste your time with accusations of untruths. Read more than just this message, as this one is an introduction for a new set of writings. At least spend as much time as it takes for you to formulate an accusation allowing your consciousness to unfold within the other writings I have suggested you see. Better yet, if you enjoy my writing, buy one of my books! 😀 If you get any benefit from any of it, well and good. Leave it at that and allow those whose reality is broad enough to take in the energies that come through these messages to receive them. If you have questions about my methodology or my experience, please ask. I’m not that gifted that I could make up what I write, believe me.

          Leave aside the sarcasm and allow yourself to consider that your trips have not revealed all of the mysteries of life to you, but merely opened a window. There’s a lot more to reality than infinity. Then we can talk about how you contribute to the world and make an income, if you like… because I see in your words that you seem to be willing to lead those who are seeking truth into doubt rather than understanding, yet you have not revealed any truths that you have discovered that are based on any reality other than the one your mind manufactured. It’s only as real as that, right? One truth for all 🙂 You seem to be pretty sure of yourself in pronouncing the truth of my experience! Do you think I am a fool? I think you need another experience with divinity!

          Assuming you are engaging in this with good intentions, perhaps you’ve accepted my invitation to explore more of what Nine is about. It’s mind-blowing, and if you like that sort of thing (and I think you do), you might enjoy what you read. Otherwise, one man’s b.s. is another’s fertilizer, and digging up seeds is counterproductive to growth. Besides that, thanks for the comment… it left me feeling amused, if a little sad for the condescension. I’m radically realistic and have traveled many roads of consciousness. Truth cannot be put in a neat little box based on one kind of experience. No plant will give you the full picture, though they certainly can enhance the view, the experience of understanding. You have to walk all the way around a statue to appreciate the sculptor’s work; to see it from one viewpoint alone leaves you flat. Suspend disbelief, Herman, and you may find that you have some beliefs snagging you up. Is it so hard to believe that Pleiadians communicate with me? Do the research first, ask me questions, engage ME in a conversation and then we can communicate. Right now, it seems you merely want to discredit my work, and I really don’t see any use in continuing down that road.

          In fact, now that I think of it, my work stands as a balance to a lot of other writings circulating around the web that are a lot more “out there” than anything I write. I’m a really grounded person, you’ll find.

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        I am not sure how this all works but Tom Moore also references a Theo as his guide in conversations. Tom doesn’t like the term channeling in his work. Do you and Tom share the same Theo?

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          Hi Mike, I don’t really like the term channeling either, but until I come up with another one… everyone has a different style of communication. We can have conversations, discussions, repartee, one-on-ones, etc… still we are communicating. N’est ce pas?

          Regarding Theo: I was introduced to this group via Anica. I asked her a question, and her response was, “I have to bow out, for this sentence belongs to another. It is not for me to say. You will answer it with the help of EnterTheIsness. You can address this being as Theo. He is your higher guide, and a teacher of Nine for us. He will guide you in the ways of the days to come.”

          I didn’t seek out Theo, he started the conversation with me. I’d never heard of him before, but since posting this message, I have also learned that Sheila Gillette has been “channeling” an angelic group called Theo for nearly 40 years. I don’t think it’s so much that anyone here shares Theo, but that Theo chooses who speaks for their group in the way that their group needs best to communicate to those who hear their message. I don’t do what Sheila does, and I’m sure I don’t do what Tom does (though I will look up his site and get to know his work). I do what I do, and Theo has chosen to begin this communication based on their needs with me in service as I may be of service.

          LOL, Mike, I’m not sure how it all works, either! Not the nuts and bolts of other people’s work, or the hyperdimensional dynamics of the communication. I don’t think anyone really does, or can explain it in a way that everyone could understand. Sort of like how Theo and others like them choose various means to share their message 🙂

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    It’s not hard for me at all to believe that people receive communications from beyond. John Lilly and Nicolo Tesla (one of my heroes), both made these claims. People who take mushrooms and DMT also make these claims but I believe, like you said, it’s manufactured in one’s own mind. Infinity is not all that I saw, I received a huge download that changed my life (even things I never set out to change, like drinking alcohol).
    The real trouble I have is people who make up the experience completely to sell books and lead weaker people on an endless trail of information coming (that never really arrives). If you are not one of those people then I apologize. It just seems silly to me that aliens want to help us through blogs but not by just revealing themselves, in fear that we fixate on someone else solving our problems. That is the very reason people run to new age, self-help sites like this. They are looking for an answer. I can say first-hand that they never fix anything but just keep you waiting on the revelation, that never really comes. To each his/her own. I am sorry I was so harsh. I beg of you to take 5+ grams of mushrooms alone in the dark some time. It hasn’t just been my experience and I do not believe it is a drug or in my own mind. Shrooms are telephones to God, and probably the beginning point of our world’s major religions (though followers have no clue about that). The truth can take the heat. While I order one of your books – go try some shrooms or Ayahuasca and tell me if you think your experience was a product of your own mind – or even drug-induced. I promise you will not.
    I would also like to add, and make a weak attempt to balance out any insults, by saying, you are a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

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      Herman. I totally relate to what you’re saying. I’ve had some amazing life-changing experiences myself! I’ve done the whole mushroom thing and have had some really intense communications with and teachings from the plant world. To me, these aren’t the telephones but they do open up the lines where there is need… the telephone is built in within you. Once it’s on, it’s on, channel open, but… and a big but, you must attend to your own healing. I can’t stress that enough. Plants can help with this as well, as their purpose is to teach and to heal and to reveal when the soul is ready, but the work has to be done to repair etheric damage to the energy bodies that’s the result of a lifetime/lifetimes of trauma from living on this rock. Reality is a big place and there are so many blind alleys, halls of mirrors, and false doorways, you have to find some core light at your center to trust to guide you. Plants can reflect that along the path to the heart, but they cannot replace it, only magnify what’s already there. For me, I say trust your gut, keep and open mind, and follow where your heart leads… all together, not one single aspect divorced from the others. That’s where integration is found, and truth discerned. I really do understand where you’re coming from.

      I see plenty of illusion around on the internet, and yes there are many people who see an opportunity to profit where honest people are exploring reality for the benefit of collective humanity. I don’t line my pockets with much more than lint… I sell a couple of books now and then and hope that I get a donation once in a while, and I do offer personal readings as well. I wish things were different and I hope they will be, because I need a new computer to keep doing this work… mine’s about had it LOL

      If I was doing this for profit, I wouldn’t still be writing 99% of my work on free blogs, after doing this for the past 5 years. No, buddy, I’m not a profit-seeking charlatan, I’m in this for the long haul as service to humanity and in response to what I know is my mission. I’ve sacrificed a lot for it, but I continue to open to the communication from Pleiades because that is my soul’s mission, it is where I know I am doing work that is fulfilling to myself and to others, and I absolutely trust the guidance I get from the Renegades and Anica… and now Theo (as we’ve just met). There are plenty of sites that are really profit-driven and lacking truth, and there are some which are really helpful and truthful and materially successful.

      For the record, I also wish the ETs would come out and show themselves, but I’ve come to understand a bigger picture that they’re working in. I’ve looked back to times when I “knew” something would happen and didn’t, and I see so much soul growth that I can’t deny there’s a benefit to each of us in slogging through life here on Earth. For the collective, there’s a massive change going on, and we’re in the midst of it. When you do the work of healing and integration, there are times you just want to give up and forget you ever heard about raising your consciousness, but you keep going because your heart has had a taste of freedom from the netherworld of slavery and your soul won’t let you sleep once you waken. This is where frustration can set in and make everything look like a confused sham. It’s not. It just looks that way while we’re dealing with our own issues, individually and collectively. I think if anything describes what I write about, that covers a lot of it, right there.

      I’m really glad you posted your comments here, and I thank you for the open discussion you’ve fostered… and for the very kind compliment 😉 I hope you’ll find some truth in the words I cobble together, and perhaps feel the presence of the Pleiadians I write for in your own experience… they have a tendency to show up in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to many who engage with the messages.

      With all best wishes, Maryann


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