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Luminous Dimensions

Take a Last Look at the State of the World

a message from Borgareil of the League of Light

Where you see trouble brewing, recognize the hand of God at work. Be well aware that more of the story will be revealed by observing than by blinding yourselves by misguided, if well-meaning, assumptions. Everything is already changing. It should come as no surprise, then, that we are here to speak of change.

As the great wave of change shifts the very foundations of all you know about how the world has been, so do you see the true nature of humanity break free from the imposed bondage and limitations that have kept you all for so long trapped in a false sense of how things can be. All that changes now. The façade is falling, along with the structures that had held it in place.

Near to the core of what you will soon remember as the day of transformation is a fundamental fact. You have come to the point of saying “Enough is enough.” Listen, and you will hear it rise. Great waves of awareness carry it aloft, drenching parched territories of the human landscape with the life-giving, ever-essential sound of people stepping into their power. You, not least among them, have a voice to add. Have you had enough of that illusion passing for your truth? Are you ready to be wholly and steadfastly the person you have been destined to be? Immense help is present, but it is within that the greatest power lay. As soon as the time comes, that will become quite apparent.

Now you have just a moment to consider the ramifications of what it is that you are together facing. You can decide to become more than an observer without undue upheaval to your life’s inherent peace. As soon as your uttered words “enough is enough” find their target in force, you will fully understand all that they imply. There is no place for fear now, no quarter for hesitation. However, a pause to consider is wise, followed by direct action. What is it that you have been considering doing in your own life, to bring your awareness in line with divine vision, to relate more directly to the shared light that lives within the hearts of others now striving to be free from the lead weight of time? You will be given this moment, and then you will have a signal to act. For each, the signal will be unique, yet wholly recognizable. You will know what it is for you to do, even if at this moment of pause you are yet unclear. Knowledge will come, clarity will come. After all is said and done, dear family of Earth, you will see what next will come. Do not allow yourselves to become disheartened or distracted from the plan that your soul has written upon your heart. Rather, have courage, for the time of transformation will ask you to step into your destiny and your greatest service to love’s mysterious ways.

We leave you with these words and with our assurance that while our presence is not yet perfectly tangible, it is nevertheless closer to you than ever before. Know that we come, not in ways you may expect, perhaps, nor in ways any can fully predict. The days are near when the intensity of change will be felt by all. Have some place in your heart where you can retreat and replenish your store of peace, love, and faith. There will be opportunity to share soon. Within the space of Nine, you can settle into remembrance of how to find our loving support. Be brave, and know you are on the right path if you remember the truth of your own divine contact.

As your words “enough is enough” find their target, you'll understand what they imply.There's no place for fear or hesitation. Pause, then direct action. #ninespath #pleiadian #freedom #newearth Share on X

Borgareil speaks as a learned and trusted keeper of planetary history in service to the League of Light. Her role now is to help prepare the people of this world for certain inevitabilities requiring heightened awareness. To this end, she offers her words that we may contemplate our next choices, as history comes to its next point of revelation.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted only with link to original post.

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