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Rare Naissance

So May It Be Remembered: Video Edition

“Before the time you consider to be the dawn of civilization on your world, there existed great empires and rich cultures not so dissimilar in sophistication as your own. You do not see relics of these prehistoric civilizations not because their existence is a fallacy, but because the devastation of their ending was so complete. Only memory survived, and what could be carved on stone and stored in tales, song, and poetry. Memory took the form of scripture and holy art, ritual, dance, and habit. Superstitions, too, grew from the traumatized times that followed devastation.

“Thus have you become the inheritors of a moment in time that shaped your ancestors’ psyches. Their shock became your inheritance, their loss your grief, their lifeblood your faith. You can feel them in the subtle vibrations that stir in your blood.”

Thus begins a new series of communiques from the Pleiadians of the League of Light, and a voice from long ago finds its space on Nine’s Path. Joegil is more than just a Pleiadian commander of light; she is more than another one of the Temmerian crew communicating to us now. She is an aspect of soul of the person who relays this message to you, triangulating through time and blood code to speak now.

Read the original written transmission on Nine’s Path here, at the Rare Naissance collection of messages:… Visit Nine’s Path to discover more about the League of Light, Pleiadian wisdom, and the presence of an expanded humanity with us now.

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Music: Emergence (Bluemillennium mix) feat. Snowflake (CC BY 3.0):

Inspiration ignites
An invisible channel
That opens between machine
And Soul
Heaven through me
We merge like the star
Like the star
Whose golden cups paint the universe
We merge like the star
Her creation absolves time
We merge like the star
Whose golden cups paint the universe
We merge like the star
From conscious

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