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Asket of Temmer

Arise: Asket of Temmer

Today, we say, welcome to the new morning, to the day when you have been invited into the light of understanding. Have you all arrived? Not quite, but you are coming in droves and you are sparking awakening in each other in a way that’s never been done before, in a way that appears to those of us on the outside of Earth’s security to be quite a display of a shimmer of awareness. You have not yet come to the full grasp of what it is that’s happening.

We have been diligent in maintaining our quietude about what we know so that we don not interfere in your deep processes of regaining control over your lives, over your history, and over your world, for true it is that that has been taken from you. There are some vestiges where grasping hands yet try to choke the air from your lungs, but we ask you to relax and fill yourself with life.

Today, above all days, when you commemorate in various traditions, in various ways, the spread of new life, the awareness of the fact that life does not end, does not stop, only that it seems to from time to time. The flow of it can be diverted from where it wished to go, but it does not end. It does transform, and that is what you are in the process of doing now, dear ones.

We are with you ever, closely whispering to you encouragement when you least expect it, in ways that you might not anticipate. Do not try to control this situation that you are in. You cannot move the tide yourself. Rather, control that which you can, which is your own inner space, your decisions on how to position yourself, your decisions to carry along burdens you’ve carried for a long, long time, that you don’t even remember how they came upon your shoulders. Many of you have carried these things that don’t belong to you, that were placed there by others who saw an opportunity to lighten their own load or to establish their position as one in control of a situation that at the base of they had a deep and abiding fear of losing.

You have learned the ways of fearlessness by walking in the shadows. You have maintained your directionality, always pointing yourselves toward a light that feeds your heart, that grants you entrance into wisdom’s halls, where you can review the records of your own life.

We have encouraged you to do this in many ways, from time to time, coming in with forays of suggestions to take a look at what’s happened, as having walked the path of your life with Nemesis at your side. You’ve grown accustomed to this presence of Nemesis, cloaked in as many ways that she can come up with to entice you to escape those limitations that have been placed upon you and that you’ve accepted. She backs off now and bows. She asks you to step into center stage yourself, where she will merely observe and applaud as you take a deep breath.

Let your words now be enlivened with awareness. Let your speech shape the things in your heart that have been held in silence for a very long time, those things that you have yearned to give form to. Let them carry your own soul’s expression in new ways, in a modulated form, in a harmonic form, in a chorus of light, yes. The vibrations of your voice are akin to the vibrations of light, now more than ever. Begin this forward movement together now but first, step into the light of your own selfhood now as beings transformed through what has been a time of harrowing, a time of fighting the shadows as if a cobweb had been woven around you. And now, break free, break open the shell that has been blocking a higher understanding from totally settling in and casting away the doubt that has plagued you.

On this day when we hover ever nearer to your world, we find our modes of communication growing and changing as you do, we delight in this. Tomorrow is another day. It will bring with it something new, something perhaps wonderful. Right now, together, join your hearts, join your voices, join your intent. The shell is broken, and it will never be mended. This is a thing of great joy for you and for us. Perhaps you don’t feel it yet. Perhaps you’re still feeling the pain of it, as it has broken. Holographically, it has broken on many levels. The important thing is that it is a beacon, this light that shines through the crack, to your freedom, to your willfulness to live and to change as you want to, as you intuit that you can. We of the League of Light watch with great love in our hearts and a scintillating anticipation for what we are watching happen through time.

With great joy it is that I speak to you today. I will speak again soon, but for now I leave you to explore the fields of joy that are opening to you. Greet your world anew, for it is a time of deep transformation, enlightenment in the most complete sense of the word. Enjoy this time, but mourn where you need to those things that will not accompany you into the new world. Be gentle with yourselves, hold your hearts as the precious treasures that they are. The time is coming that they will not be seen as a commodity, but as a treasure of the highest potential, the highest shine.

With this I take my leave of you today, and I leave with you my deepest love, my greatest respect and my wishes for meeting you on these fields of joy. Until we speak again, I wish you a pleasant today and a beautiful tomorrow. This is Asket of the League of Light.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

You have learned the ways of fearlessness by walking in shadows. Break open the shell that has blocked a higher understanding from totally settling in. #asket #asketoftemmer #pleiadian #leagueoflight #ninespath #easter2020 Share on X

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    What a mess! I have known my entire life that something was very wrong, not right. I had my Awakening years ago and is ongoing and has been Very Destructive to my physical reality but So Heavenly Divine as well. My Entire Existence Now is Service to others and studying, meditating and preying. I am upset about what was done to our species but am moving forward. It’s all about Ascension for me and love all the help and tools that I receive, thank you!
    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all you do for the humans.
    Please contact me if you feel intuition, we need all the help we can get.
    Thank You!


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