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Our Communication Is of Great Importance

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A long note from early 2015, translated in the peculiar handwriting I so often have, which is blocky, with the letters drawn from the baseline up:

“I will translate.

More than you now understand, our communication is of great importance.

You will understand more about it as we keep talking and working together.

This is the next thing you were anticipating.

We are ready to open the book a little bit wider now.

Until you are ready to leave, you are advised to stay on the path of open, rational, and loving interaction.”


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    Would be cool if you could translate the characters so we could learn to read and write it.

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    agree completely. have the highest degrees of Pleiadean in all my charts and practice wicca and meditiation with deity work. there was a forum from 2018 that had the written letters instead of the writing speech words, but that has been taken down now from inactivity. these dictionaries are great but I can’t practice communication or get into the light language if i have no basis, and this is really interesting stuff!


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