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Nine's Word

Cut Through the Pride of Grief’s Names

Knowing what you want to experience is one thing. Experiencing what you don’t yet know, but which the higher part of you knows you want is quite another. Rather than settle for surface-level equanimity in the face of whatever it is that passes for reality, you can go deeper. Things as they are grow less satisfying, as awareness of a behind-the-surface reality grows. Having set yourself the challenge to fill your cup with the rich sweetness of love’s brew, you can eschew trivialities and cast aside yesterday’s prizes. It is the essence within the form that carries the enduring significance. You have followed the clues littering the path behind you, dissolved the veil separating you from being free from what meaning they had lent you along the way. A wiser you stands ready to meet the you ready to break through mirror-like surface tension. You have the everlasting at your core. The love within you will free you from the dark.

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You might think you know what you want. After all, your heart has been set on a path toward fulfillment for a long time now, even before you began to believe you could achieve it. Amid all the turmoil that has come to disturb your path, despite any setbacks you’ve perceived in the way things have progressed, you’ve been carefully, quietly setting up your readiness to receive the good that life has to offer. You’ve made your choices and taken your hits as they’ve come. You’ve risen stronger. This may surprise you. It would certainly surprise the old you, had you a magic mirror to see what you would become, and how you would become it. So by now, you would think you’d have a good idea of what it is that would make you happy. Well, maybe happiness is overrated. Maybe happiness isn’t the goal. Maybe it’s the cream that rises to the top, the crest of waves that ride on deep undercurrents, the thing that happens when deeper matters are set aright. Somewhere in your mind, you understand this. Are you content to observe how the moving picture you’re watching takes its next turn? In the long run, the good stuff will be yours to skim from time’s rising tide. Meanwhile, in the depths, currents are churning, seeking coherence, seeking the way. Within yourself, slide past the idea of happiness, whatever form it takes meaning for you. It’s in the depths that you’ll find the cord to which all variations hearken. Move with them, and know the secret of happiness runs deeper than you might think.

You don’t expect things to be handed you on a silver platter, minus any merit, without having put in some effort, some intent. Do you? You can bypass all the arguments about deserving something on merit alone, for such rewards can carry with them hidden loopholes that eventually snare the ankle of the one given the boon. By dint of your own mettle have you done many things worth recognition. Whether you got that or not is beside the point, at this moment in time. All those trophies garnered for achievements earned can be melted down into one lump of gold, for now you face the end of the narrative in which they carried meaning in the form they held. You stand ready to emerge. You’ve come to the back surface of the mirror through which you had sought an answer from your reflection. Look into the eyes of the one who looks back, as you regard yourself. Almost as if a living being were set to break through the glass, you can sense the proximity of the you that is to be. Stand open to the moment of self-reflection turned into self-recognition. It’s on higher terms than ever before. It must be, for now you hold only a lump of shapeless gold where before you cradled your accomplishments. Look closely through clear eyes. As patterns resolve, what had little form of meaning may well be offering you something of timeless design. Something perfect, even if for now incomprehensible. Forget the silver platter. The one you offer yourself, as a gift through time, is pure gold.

Having stripped form and appearances from core meaning, you are left with the singular gleaming truth. Yet even the truth has a double-edged quality to it. Let not your mind be baffled by the seeming oppositional factors of what pierces the veil of unknowing. All things are as one in the hand of a master of understanding. What else is there but love, when you come to the quick? For all factors that dress a fact with meaning, there is little but love to be found in the formless idea of being. If this yet troubles the mind with protestations of contrariness, allow yourself to expand from the space of limited understanding into the incomprehensible beyond of knowing. What is love, that you cannot fathom the possibility that it is the all from which you choose to see things one way or another? Fearlessness calls you to venture into the space carved wider by the incursion of undeniable facts. Love calls you to trust that you will reach the point which leads beyond obscuring clouds to the source of light itself. What destroys the shield creates the way. Whatever you face in the days ahead, be they shells through which you cannot feel the warmth of human touch, or movements that riddle the field of sense with chaos, you have what it takes to change circumstance. You need only love to transform it. From opaque to transparent, from one body alone to one body of humanity aware, love need be all you wield. Your way is set when your mind settles into itself. Raise your understanding. Aim high.


“Knowledge is a double-edged sword. Love hones the edges to razor sharpness, then renders it useless. What is left at that point, after allowing yourselves to be cut to shreds at your own hands, is an astral awareness that only comes to your attention as the last part of owning your true nature begins to unfold.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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In the depths you find the cord to which all variations hearken. Move with them, and know the secret of happiness runs deeper than you might think. #ninespath #unity #pleiadian Share on X


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