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Nine's Word

First and Last, the Idea

How beautifully your mind has carried you over the terrain of your life. How well you have acclimated to endless variety of circumstance. Finally, though, all rides must come to an inevitable conclusion. With the last dip in the ocean comes the last glance at the landless horizon offshore. Eventually, the sun will sink into the sea and extinguish the flame of day’s glory. Thus are you brought face to face with the night. Such a painting we present with poetic images and colorful phrases. Have you soaked in the drama to your satisfaction yet? Are you overflowing with the fullness of what you have created in the fertility of your mind and will? All that comes to a close now, dramatically, in no uncertain terms. An end is upon you, with realizations that can no longer be held back from revelation. While you’ve been taking in the scenery and processing all the details, reality has found a clear target from the unseen angle of approach. Maybe you sensed it coming, but for sure something is about to take you by surprise. You’re more ready than not for a total break from the timeline.

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Were you to maintain your reliance on the rosary you carry, you will find it unequal to the forces now upon you. If your faith is tested, that is one thing. You have varying degrees by which to prove to yourself that your faith is true. What happens if you lose the tangible connection that has held the secret codings tying that faith to your steady hand? What happens when darkness falls and the sun cannot be discerned because you have been struck from behind by the overwhelming appearance of everything you forgot to remember? Really, it is not so dire as to say it’s the end of the world. It’s more of a promise that it’s the end of the world. Does it strike you to the core that everything you thought you had worked out has suddenly turned into a strike from behind, a blindsiding by the unadorned blades of cutting reality? If so, let it be. ‘Tis but a scratch, in the grand scheme of things: an initiatory blow that gives you everything in one neat package and begs you pause to consider the ground directly beneath your solitary figure.

What seemed like betrayal can equally be seen as a surprise ending to a tale with no clear-cut final act. A stab in the back can easily be taken for a reality check. Whatever is playing out now, you can rest assured that it is not designed to destroy you, but to activate dormant superpowers that had been locked away, out of sight and out of mind. Now, what had been in hot pursuit all along your journey finally has your undivided attention. While you’re held in contemplative repose, why not take advantage of the situation and review the fundamentals of your faith? Lost is the string of pearls that had counted so neatly your self-hypnotic spell. Scattered around you are the individuated fractions of something that had, heretofore, served to get you to this point. Now, you can succumb to the devious dark dogma at the heart of what you’d fashioned from words and impressions given by a broken but well-meaning world, or you can do something daring, befitting of your situation. Total redefinition is called for, and you’re just the person to do it. Cut the cords and claim what love has left.

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