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Nine's Word

Gathering Light Fills the Space Within

A holy light permeates the space you find yourself in now. As if you have stepped away from the world as you knew it and embarked on a cosmic pilgrimage, you stand in perfect equanimity in a moment outside of normal time. Let things be as they will, for you are committed as never before to the transformation drawing you forth. The high walls have diminished in scale as you step into the dimension of authentic selfhood. Outside of all previous measurements by which you gauged your progress in becoming, the enormity of who you really are has finally dawned in your mind. Extend your sense into this burgeoning selfhood, at peace, perfectly calm with what you discover. It is nothing less than yourself, imposing as that may be. All is set for you to follow the course of emergence, and live.

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Poised between outbreath and inbreath, witness yourself a particle within a wave of expansion through the timespace of experiential being. #ninespath #transformation #pleiadian Share on X

Having recently reached a pivot point, you marked a new beginning on your personal quest toward meaning, and now face the first leg of the journey. Already, you have achieved balance. How have you done this? By holding the world at arm’s length, not taking any of its manifest implausibilities too seriously, and remembering that your power is at its apex when you rest within zero point. When reality visits your doorstep, it’s well to have practiced what you knew would be part of the upheaval. Details hidden, as they are until the time of unveiling, you had plenty of hints at what to prepare for, and how to use your power to its fullest. Those who have been whispering encouragement and enlightenment to your ears are gratified to see that you’ve taken their words and nudges at face value. The rest you took has done you good; far from diminishing your strength, it’s given you insight into tapping into your core imperturbability. Poised between the outbreath and inbreath, you witness yourself a particle within a wave of expansion through the timespace of experiential being. With every conscious breath, you propel your self-awareness forward, gracefully surrendering your place in the past. In this space of movement and perfect stillness, you lost nothing of yourself while relinquishing who you have been. The time has come for you to respond to that which summons you into being. New life rises within you, lit by the amber rose warmth of a cosmic centrality of life. Who is this witness who speaks from within your form? Give yourself over to it, for it is the you that has been waiting for this moment to arrive.

After breaching the fortress of all that life has erected for you to overcome, settle into the space of self-knowing. Monuments of past achievements dissolve beneath a blazing sky as the elements of meaning strip bare all symbolic decoration that had given the scaled walls any power over your own presence. As harsh realities fade into insignificance, turn your senses wholly inward. Tap into the enormity of your innate power, that which has been yours since the beginning of time, that which has denied you nothing nor will, when you come into true relationship with it. The strength of your inner selfhood can be intimidating when you first connect with it. Give yourself grace; there is no rush toward anything in meeting your inner fortitude. It is merely a melting into self, at which point you become one with the raw force of nature that breathes life into your physical form, that drives your spirit into new ventures of being. As you stand poised in the particulate awareness within the continuum of uncountable time, feel the timeless presence of infinity within you. What your form encompasses holds little power against the force of mind entrained with the all-encompassing immanence of divinity alive as you. Settle with this awareness. Retreat into it signals the greatest advance you can take right now. Stripped of fear, oblivious of time’s restraint, you are free to reach into the heart of this rising force within you, to identify yourself therein, and couple your mind with new being. Unblemished, the true you is set to emerge. Balance yourself with what’s at hand, for it is nothing less than your own resurrection.

You’re about to prove to yourself exactly who you think you are. Rather, to walk out of the mirror as an image of divine fabrication. Embryonic your selfhood has been, gathering from the blood of cosmic streams of life the codes and anchors with which your embodiment has been fashioning itself anew. Having cast limitations to the wind, you face now the only boundary left: that of transformation. As a boundary, it has little substance besides that which you lend it of mental manufacture. Prepare to let all the light of your mind come to a head, as it were, to rise into the circuitry of your risen consciousness, sanctifying the stage set for your emergence. Mother has you now, a cosmic surround, perfect balance of nurturance and release into the freedom of life’s fold. What you sense as formless light within your awareness, as you allow your inner self to let you know it’s there, is going to become a membrane signifying the point of transition from you finding yourself within to you emerging from within. At that point, everything will have condensed into the focal point of ultimate self-knowing. All promise moves with you. Nurture this self who dwells deep inside. Know in your very bones that what is happening with and within you now bears all the marks of perfectedness of being. You have been moving through holy ground in this time of wakening. What has been taking form in the deep will turn toward life. Your healing complete, you will emerge as a new form, carrying all the light of what divine mind has borne as the thought of you.


“The moments before you fully awaken are the most powerful moments of your day, for they contain the seeds from which grow the crop of what is to be. In those lucid moments, you are able to change anything, birth anything, or create anything. Growing begins in a state of dormancy, and transmutes a core of possibility into a lush forest of endless forms and processes. How does this happen? Ah, that is the magic of creative freedom and love in action.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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