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Nine's Word

Life Emerges from the Rubble

Nine's Word weekly Pleiadian message
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What happens when you pay attention to your own little corner of the world can be nothing short of miraculous. Life in its myriad forms is burgeoning right now, with wave upon wave of surprises sprouting from seeds long buried. If you try to take in everything, you might have a hard time separating the thorns from the blossoms. Some of those blossoms hide thorns, and some of the thorns guard buds yet to unleash their glory. Nature will have its way, rest assured. You are wise to sit back and reflect on this, right now, and to tend your garden. What have you planted that is now showing signs of life? What have you been waiting for to burst into active growth from a state of apparent dormancy, silence, an unadorned blank-slate state? Before your eyes, in the space of your own sense of self, you can witness the emergence from silent depths of a new story, illustrated with living color and form. The time is coming for you to know without a doubt that you are not alone in your work to nurture life into glorious being.

Comfort is not absent, despite hard walls that may seem to block a retreat into its sense impressions. The wall that stands between you and a backward glance into a more tender apparition of time is there to say, in no uncertain terms, that retreat is not possible. You must move forward, away from the anchor, however well placed, that you had known as your point of origin. That is not to say that you are removed from your source, nor from the creature comforts where love dwells undisturbed. Adorn the cold, unyielding barrier to retreat with evidence of life unyielding. If only to prove to yourself that you have not died inside, give life to what presents the cessation of life as you’ve known it. Indeed, life is about to take a turn and present a few surprises of its own. It may seem like a cruel act of fate has been playing its hand. Does this render you powerless? Far to the contrary: you prove to yourself the power you hold is the stuff of life itself. There is no magic greater than that, no power against which can stand.

What is the secret to this power? You know it well, even if some fragments of it have been left, forgotten, or misconstrued along the way to where you now stand. It is love, plain and simple. You witness it rising before your eyes. In the pure and natural contact with another face of God’s sparkling personality, you feel it stirring within your very being. Perhaps this is what happens within the heart of a seed in the depths of the dark earth, that spurs on the latent potential into glorious greenery and joyful expressions of color and form. Stay focused on this now more than ever, knowing that love is alive and present in forms unexpected, perhaps strangely familiar. Let love’s appearance guide you. Let the ubiquity of love point out where it speaks in eloquent simplicity amid a dazzling array of voices. Your part in nurturing life’s apportionment, given to you for practicing the art of response, is enough to ensure life’s continuance. Love calls for your attention now. Let the wall behind you be a canvas for your heart to express what speaks to you from the seed come to life.

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Adorn an unyielding barrier to retreat with evidence of life unyielding. A cruel act of fate has rendered you powerless? Far to the contrary. #ninespath #divinity #pleiadian #greatawakening #sovereignty Click To Tweet


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