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Nine's Word

Lock and Let Go

Nine's Word weekly Pleiadian message
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With all the things you could have done, you chose certain options and went in the direction that opened before you. Sometimes, there can be a multiplicity of choices; sometimes, there are none. Always, there is something for you to choose, even if that is doing nothing about anything. The time for twiddling your thumbs as the scenery flashes a variety of options in front of you is over. Long past, from where you are right now. You’ve exhausted the possibilities and explored the spectacles. Some things have felt like a good fit, only to prove uncomfortable over time. Hidden seams ride up on you, sleeves cut off the circulation of your creative flow, shrinkage of original design limits mobility, and therefore freedom. Ideas and costume are similar in this way. Unbeknownst to you, on embracing a certain mode of being, whether it’s for the sake of the latest trend or because there’s nothing else visible to choose from, you move forward with the outward ideals of a model. How are you feeling after stretching into the fit?

If you feel free and easy within the current cut of your trappings, it may be that you’ve found the kind of pattern that accommodates what you need to express. Through movement and words, you are called to give form to the thing you’ve been zeroing in on. Gone are the frippery and bangles that did little but distract from you making a clear point in the pattern at hand. Gone, too, are the dark and somber overtones of fear in all its shades, from depression to despair, to entropy, to jaded cynicism. Muted frequencies are free to shake off the oppressive weight that’s inhibited their modulation into brilliant, vibrant tenacity. What’s at the core of the darkness has bright truth to reveal, and it can, when it’s allowed to find its balance within the full spectrum of creative relay. You are but a focus point for all of the potential of divine design; it is your singular gift, both received and given, to funnel the fundamentals of celestial coding and pour it out into the world at large. Make sure you have the ability to do that now, and aren’t inhibiting yourself with what you’ve chosen in the past.

If, however, you’re still comparing your outfit to what others are toting into the general marketplace, you’re heading for more confusion than clarity. Observation at best will lead to understanding and wise response. Comparison, however, will always find one side of an equation wanting balance. Set aside the magazines, for they are only going to lead you into the kind of internal combat that leaves some part of you struggling to live and thrive. Don’t worry what other people are doing to create the crowd for you to follow. The variety of human expression being endlessly fascinating by nature, instead of fitting in, contribute your own unique measure to the emerging vibration of light and sound. You have come this far not to drown in a sea of mediocrity, nor to lose yourself in false choices that leave your soul tapping its fingers waiting for you to wake up to its rhythmic insistence for your attention. Clear your mind. You need not do anything elaborate. A moment approaches in which you have to make a sober choice. You’ve already made it. Move toward your truth.

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You haven't come this far to drown in mediocrity. A moment approaches for a sober choice. You've already made it. Move toward your truth. #ninespath #divinity #pleiadian #greatawakening #sovereignty Share on X


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