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Nine's Word

Merely on a Shred of Truth

A deep-seated sigh rises from the collective, from every heart grown weary with the spectacle of disintegration. If the feeling of hope seems to be slipping from your fingers, it is not happening with you alone. What else do you hold, besides hope? You are the one who holds a source-point for regeneration. In this, take solace. In this one thought, rest a moment, and feel the validity of it fill your being. There is no sweeping allegory to fit every individual’s soul experience but for the search for a guiding star by which to navigate through the uncertain waters of the in-between. Right now, it is a shared experience, and one that is finding within each person a unique mode of expression, and a singular clue as to the direction to shift attention for the true direction home. Within your heart, you have both map and compass. Root down into the core code of your journey, beyond the whimsy of the mind’s dalliance with light’s shimmering play. Around you, the dark is pierced. If you train your vision, you can see what had been draped in shadow. Let this stir hope alive.

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If you raise your eyes to the higher plane of thought, where rest the solemn truths of the ages, you will discover some seemingly insignificant strands that draw your attention. Follow them, for they lead to an uncovering. Just as the streaming light of the star sends pointed needles of radiance through the vast unknown of space, so too does truth infiltrate ignorance with seemingly insignificant filaments of data. The star, so distant, cannot flood the land with light. This is the job of the sun, a star simply nearer to the threshold of access to your awareness. Relentless light having traveled so far does not deviate from its trajectory, however; eventually, that which has been send forth from the heart of illumination will find some surface on which to lay its photonic cargo. Then, it unveils its encodements of energy, releasing the particular form of its duty within the eye of the mind that receives it. Such light may reveal the edges of a shadow’s form. In doing so, can it not prevent you from falling into the lightless abyss of nihilistic space? If you can receive it, see.

In this moment when what had been enshrouded stands revealed, it is not the moment for the sun to shine upon the obvious, nor for you to sit back and be drenched in the blast of its inescapable light. This will come only when you have reached beyond the edge of hopelessness yourself. Only in moving that elusive point of distant hope closer to your grasp will you come into balance with elemental chaos and lose the bewilderment of having lost some piece of a map. The truth has always been there, distant or near, for your waking mind to apprehend. You may have to dig through layers of conditioning, of parlance having set the angularity of mental appreciation for what it cannot otherwise understand. Let this be. You rise now from the depths of unknowing. Is it not natural for there to be some instinctive reluctance to adjust to sudden new dimensions of reality? You emerge into a space less perturbed by currents of emotion. The stillness of that space is available to you now. As you let the former substance return to its source, you can finally find hope more steady. Open to the revelation.

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