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Nine's Word


You can only reap what you sow. Eventually, what you’ve put your work and attention into is going to show its fruit. Maybe the harvest isn’t what you expected. Has it come to this, then, that you can barely stand to look at what’s grown from seeds planted with hope? You can only guess what’s in the seed will come to bear something worth the time and effort needed to keep it growing. Using instruments of dissection, it’s only possible to cut a seed open to see what’s inside. However, that’s not going to tell you much about the mechanics of how a nondescript seed becomes something else. Yet it’s all packed in there. Having cut the seed open, you deprive it of its viability. In having sacrificed it to higher understanding, though, perhaps it may yet bear fruit. Perhaps it is possible to peer within the seed and know that it is alive with the full potential of transformation simply by holding it in your hand and entrusting it to the fertile earth. In time, it will divulge its secrets.

Having already put effort into what has been planted, tended, and watched, it’s understandable if you’ve reached a point of wondering if it’s been worth it. All the backbreaking labor of planning, tending, and waiting. Trusting the elements to conspire for your survival, if not your success. Bending low to seek out and pluck errant weeds, fertilizing the soil, participating in the endless cycle of sowing, growing, harvesting, decay. When first you dug your shovel into the ground with the intent of building a life-sustaining monument to your ability and determination, did you ever think that it would come to this? Is it worth carrying on? How much further can you go? As you lean on your trusted tools and thoughtfully take in the situation that has grown from apparent nothingness, you face something you may not be quite able to discern. As the seed first planted held its mystery at bay until the time came for it to reveal what it held, likewise this moment holds something hidden. Look beyond the tangled vines. Reflect.

Encased in this moment is a mystery. There is no telling what will become of it. You can look at it from the outside but without a microscope and some skill, you really can’t tell what is supposed to happen with it. You could cut it open and spill out what lay within, but perhaps there’s been enough of that kind of examination going on. Perhaps now, it’s fully time to shift perspective. Look at the seed from the inside. All around you is the membrane that holds life’s promise, programmed to break through, dig in, and reach skyward for the light of day. All the data you need is right in front of you. Within you. Everything you need to know, you already have. Move your awareness toward the seed, toward that very elemental nucleus of thought that powers life to live within a system of interconnected living. Shave off everything that deters your ability to zero in on that singularity. Now is the time to dig in. Plant yourself with full intention to be. The weeds are being pulled, the ground is returning to balance. Elements are conspiring for your survival and success. You’re being called to surrender to love.


“The end of time is nothing more than the end of thinking, yet consciousness and intelligence have nothing to do with the act of thought other than to clothe themselves in it for transmission through the matrix of space as you understand it to be.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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It's time to dig in. Plant yourself with full intention to be. Weeds pulled, the ground returns to balance. Elements conspire for your survival and success. #ninespath #divinity #pleiadian #greatawakening #transformation Click To Tweet


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