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Nine's Word

Pure Power

Turbulence rages, yet mastery presents a space for you. Will you install yourself in the grounded position of one in control of emotions, one who uses what is indwelling as creative potential to make something of what is manifesting upon the scene? Within you are realms of peace, of wisdom. You’re offered entrance to this space right now. In fact, you are continuously invited there. Dare you accept the opening that leads you to find a nugget of calm? Dare you define your sovereignty according to that which rises naturally from within your inner space of sanctified beingness? Dare you? Never has such an act become so poignant to the whole of humanity as it now is, yet it stands merely face-to-face with you, here, now, where you are. How you are. Without apology, without expectation of either excuse or righteousness. There is nothing more natural than for you to ascend into that which is already your own state of perfected being. If not now, when? The waves of turbulence leave little time to make such a momentous decision. The seed of time has split.

Shed some of your light but be aware of blinders that might be preventing you from seeing the whole picture. Otherwise, your light can cast shadows. Look at what you see without fear, with grace borne of being grounded in your sense of self, without losing perspective that includes the full spectrum of what is playing out in the background. To do so is to limit your ability to understand holographically what is rising from the depths. However, do not lose yourself within the streams of turbulence, nor deny yourself the truth that is yours to bear. Your truth matters, now more than ever. So be clear, be grounded. You might have to dig deep through turbulent layers of melting reality to find the bedrock that is your foundation of self in this world. Do that now, so you can be clear and stable in the days to come. The thing to be most aware of is what you carry within yourself, in balance with your innate sovereignty as a human being. There is no need to brandish anything, but to hold firmly to what is in the core of your being.

By now, you have come through challenges that have shaped the nature of your outlook. If you have arrived at this point able to hold all that you have witnessed, all that you have endured, with composure, peace, and faith, you have gained your mastery well. Not all have made it this far without adopting a false demeanor of acceptance or complacency. Not all have taken up the challenge of digging deeper than they believe is necessary with the strength that is needed to anchor into the seed of time. Nor have all dared step onto the seat of self-empowerment. For some, this is a challenge beyond belief. You who have dared face your truth in the storm, who have settled without settling for someone else’s idea of who you are, who know who you are, who remember the secret held within the seed, be now who you have come to be. It is simple and without regalia. There is no effort, nor any act to acknowledge what you are. There is only to be, to choose to see what the secret of time has to give to this present moment. Your faith is going to withstand the storm. Your heart is the prize. Hold onto it as the treasure it is.


“Usually, a host of obstacles sadly delays love’s arrival, and suffering, solace, and certain source addresses you’d rather not visit pop up under your nose like so many soda bubbles. Hardly any growing takes place without the energy of Six pulling at the roots, giving the rising soul something to work with. In odd pushing and pulling action, Six really tows you along, creating as much turbulence as you need to get the maximum benefit from the ride.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

Your truth matters, now more than ever. So be clear, be grounded. Dig deep through turbulent layers of melting reality to bedrock, your foundation of self. #ninespath #divinity #pleiadian #sovereignhuman #transformation Share on X

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