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Nine's Word

Step Lightly

At the edge of a cliff, do you feel more poised or more precarious? Though you can’t see where your next step might in fact land, yet there is an unremitting call to move forward. You are not alone in this. The call you sense is real, as real as any other signal that’s crossing your sensory screen. In fact, it’s probably a lot more real than most of what you’re seeing. For this reason, keep your eyes trained and true. Lift your own spirits when there seems precious little in this world still has the power to do so. And be okay with that, to whatever extent you are able, from one moment to the next. If the world around you appears to be disintegrating, that’s because in large part it is. It’s a necessary dissolution of what was to make room for what is to be. You probably have already made your choice to move in a certain direction with regard to that burgeoning transformation. Stay attuned to the signals without getting caught in any snares. Then you can move with freedom.

What you’re seeing now may be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Echoes, perhaps, in history books, maybe in nightmares, movies, or end-of-world scenarios. Your raw courage is being summoned, yes even you… will you rise to the occasion put before you with the kind of unapologetic renaissance of spirit that the moment truly needs? As you’ve followed the path, you’ve been doing the work, lightening your load, making amends with the past and managing to find a few blossoms of hope along the way. Have you anything left to apologize for? Have you managed to find that core zone of peace within yourself? We’ve been hinting, purposing moments to that end for you to discover what has been waiting for you to see. If that still seems hazy and in the indistinct distance from your present chance position, drop everything that pulls you off-balance and from within that stripped-down singularity of being, get your head straight with the entrainment that time now offers.

The box that’s contained your spirit’s free expression has already afforded you some wiggle room to reposition yourself with regard to this sense of impending change. Fresh air has poured in with the awareness of this, taking into account both the boundaries and the impending chasm before you. Raise your eyes, your level of mental agility, your outlook with regard to the all-encompassing universal isness that pays no heed to artificial frameworks, that has nothing to do with the dark sludge that stagnates in the artificial corners. A vast, uncluttered reality awaits. You’re ready. There’s only a little pause before your next footstep carries you beyond the edge of your current reality. What awaits beyond? While that’s still out of the picture, you have the present moment to prepare yourself. The footsteps you’ve recently taken have brought you to this now. Now move your awareness up a notch. What you carry is alive, and ready to be planted in a new space of being.

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A vast, uncluttered reality awaits. You're ready. There's only a little pause before your next footstep carries you beyond the edge of your current reality. #ninespath #divinity #pleiadian #greatawakening #transformation Click To Tweet


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