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Time’s echoes impulse through the substance of your reality, triggering events to take form and memories to revivify. Your experience in time’s flow is one of living as the caretakers of memory, as witnesses to the evolution of the story of love’s adventure. You hold now in your hands as seed and spirit of a new age. Dawning it is, yet the echoes of the past call for attention. Understand where you have come from and you will have a clear path to follow ahead. Let the secrets of your past guide you.



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Remembrance of Self

Beyond the edge of memory lay the vast fields of Self. You are within the experience, yet you exist outside in the unremembered fields, where being beckons you to meet it. Remember where you have been, and you will better remember who you are becoming.
past galactic human history

Nine's Path Core Access galactic history origins

Long-ago incursions led to widespread migrations, escape and predatory onslaughts, war, regeneration, and great legends. The expanse of this galaxy alone is replete with the exploits of humanity’s story of survival, loss, and redefinition, reclamation, and living expansion.

The branch of Nine’s Path that is Core Access tells the story of humanity’s long history through a series of snapshot visits into the key stages of escape from destruction to settlement of Pleiadian and other worlds. Wars followed. The stories are not yet complete. You play part in them.

The narrative is shared by Joegil, a Pleiadian commander of light, and an aspect of Maryann’s soul. From long ages past, her code comes through the transmissions, amplified through DNA resonance and blood affinity. Discover the backstory of her appearance through Maryann’s consciousness, and her presence to us today.


We have been in your shoes, in times past. We have had to define ourselves within a galactic network of sentient worlds, to throw off the dark shadows of oppression, of subjugation. Some of the worlds of Pleiadian suns have histories similar to your current epoch.

Now you stand in the encroaching dawn of newly understanding who you are. You are at the edge of discovering yourselves anew. As were our feet similarly one step away from total civilizational redefinition, now, so are yours. You will not lose yourselves. We assure you of this. At the point in which you take that step, as one, you enter into role reversal: you are set to become the people of your future.

First, you must understand your past. You must see who you are, and more importantly who you have been.  You must come into remembrance of yourselves. Only then will you know what it is to become the galactic humans you are destined to be.


past galactic human history

The story is one that echoes through time. An ancient discord, an incursion of violence, ensuing chaos, enslavement, destruction… and escape. The saga of the ancient civilization of Lyra underlies much of Earth’s own history. Even now, echoes are playing themselves out. It will be this generation that chooses how to proceed, how to portray this time, and how to relate to the deep past of humanity. The bonds of time are designed with impermanence in mind.

Understanding origins leads to understanding self. We whom you call Pleiadians, you who know yourself to be of Earth yet who feel the hearkening to other worlds, ultimately have some connection with Lyran roots. Follow them to greater self-knowledge.


stellar reunion pleiadian past nine's path

Of all the worlds now on the brink of change, you are unique in holding a great potential in your hands. Each one of you has had lifetimes of experience, a multitude of variation of possibility leading to this moment in your collective timeline. We stand ready to greet you again as family, neighbors, friends… kin. We await reunion with the certainty that love is awakening, enlivening, and encouraging you to move into the next moments of the future in ever-fuller sentience. You are remembering. You are recollecting who you are. This is vital to the becoming that is upon you now.

Dear people of earth, you are of a noble and highly advanced lineage. Your history has been hidden from full view. You are realizing the extent to which lies and deception have buried the truth. Now, as truth arises to be known, reclaim your past. Thus do you claim your future.


past galactic human history

Expand your understanding of our galactic human history in Core Access.  Gain full appreciation of the events, and come into the timespace—with its uncertainty and chaotic shredding effect on the psyche. It’s a story embedded within our own.

“Far away from native skies, humans set foot on land unlike any other their feet had trodden before. The vault of stars above their heads told a new tale, one that they would in time weave into a new story of their past. From those stars, they would begin to discern their future, one vastly different from the one they had known from complacent dreams of continuity and predictable cycles of nature…”

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The narrative continues in Wars. More will continue to be added. Explore.


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