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by Veronica

A message of awakening from our Pleiadian family with love.

Through awakening, you are not only expanding your minds, you are peeling away, layer by layer, of your old 3D Self. Each layer becomes less and less painful as you become more aware of the Truth that lies within the archives of your soul. You are now moving forward with more conviction, assertiveness, and love. This brings us much joy and hope for your planet. This new energy exudes from within and is penetrating the attention of those whom come in contact with you. “What has changed about you?” “Did you do something different with your hair?” All questions you may have been asked. This is all relative to the “New You”! The steady changes can no longer go unnoticed. You are on the path to “NEW”. This process of elimination has made space for new information, new perspectives, possibilities, and realities beyond. Your usual act of processing information, will begin in a whole new way. Time on your planet is speeding up at a rapid pace, causing friction in the process of acceptance to what IS.

It is important my dear ones, to give yourselves time! Time to connect, time to listen, and time to accept that the past should stay right where it is. We must remain in a stable state while moving onward, as reverting back to 3D reality makes it a more difficult and lengthy process. Forward is Key here! These changes that you are currently dealing with physically, along with the soul conscious transformations on your planet, is not an easy transition, we know. These changes bring about confusion, depression, exhaustion, pain, regret, guilt, love, extraordinary empathy, and many more emotional struggles. However, this is necessary and imperative, in the evolution of your soul from 3D to 5D conscious state. The tools that once helped you through 3D consciousness, will no longer serve you in your spiritual transition. It’s clean-up time and a time to recalibrate. Your soul mission will start becoming more clear to you in the times ahead. Practice centeredness and quiet time. Soon, you will be enjoying the rewards of freedom, joy, and expansion.

We leave you now with our utmost love and respect, and will continue to guide you on your new path with ease and grace.


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