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Changes Among Us

A channeled message through Veronica from Num’Shala.

Greater than the rift that has been set beside you, along the coastal planes there shall be such a design of tremendous change. For the antiquities of yesterday will be the so-called advancements of tomorrow.

The light shone from within will rise in such a way that blindness will consume those that have not seen the truth.
Conquering her beauty from within will be her ultimate goal, for the ache felt within can no longer be taken.

To fit like a puzzle is a thing of the past as the changes ahead will allow her to stretch and strengthen her frail body. For there will be those with an eye of clarity and those with carpeted eyes that have chosen as such. To fit like a puzzle is a thing of the past. One must receptively be open to the understanding of what must and is taking place.

We will return with much love and respect as the cards continue to unfold.




As this message from Shala came through, I couldn’t help notice the feelings that came over me. The truth is, fear of the unknown, yet an intense peace and gratitude in knowing that we are watched over and guided with Love. We are blessed beyond belief to be able to receive these messages of Hope, Love, and yes, sometimes worrisome messages. The truth is, as we are all connected, our vast changes and transmutation are in sync with the Earth’s vibrational frequencies. As we go through these internal and external changes, so is Gaia herself. Much like birthing pains, the physical experience is not pleasant, however, the outcome is a love so beautiful and strong, that it consumes our very being. “Out with the old and In with the new” is the old saying! It is exciting to be guided by such love. Let us embrace these messages with love and remain connected to one another always.

My Love and light to all,


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