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Failure of the Empaths

by Lan Apona

By now, it is probably a well known fact that the realm is going through a substantial change towards a higher vibration. This includes the introduction of a new type of a human being that would be better aligned with its divinity and more connected to others. This is an agreement that Gaia made guided by her sheer love for the humans she has been a mother to for such a long time.

If you are an empath or at least have a higher sensitivity and deeper emotions, then your soul is piloting one of the early prototypes that will eventually be perfected into the lovable earth human. Moreover, you are actively participating in its development by unlocking its capabilities.

As time progresses, it wouldn’t be rare for you to encounter a younger man or woman who is a more advanced model than the one you are currently operating. I personally find it quite pleasant because it shows that things are progressing in the right direction. And yet, being an empath is a daunting work, as so many of you have experienced, as we tend to soak the negative energy that is still widely present. You may be tempted to ask whether it had to be that hard. We are tempted to say no, although we must admit there is no way of knowing.

I had the pleasure of being able to speak to a lady who was somehow closer to the team that was involved in designing the matrix for the empaths at this time. The message from them was that there was no way for them to anticipate how much fear the prototypes would absorb.


There have been continuous efforts to update the matrix and a hand has been extended to teams that were originally shunned by Gaia because of negative past involvement. They are seeking their redemption by offering their expertise which is, in our opinion, greater that the team Gaia originally chose.

Meanwhile, we are dealing with a wave of incarnates of ours who find themselves barely able to walk on the paths that they had chosen for themselves in this incarnation. We say that with a lot of pain. Things have rarely gone smooth in this realm but this is something we didn’t want to face. Nevertheless, even if your brothers and sisters on the ground have to give up on their major goals, they should still be able to accomplish the secondary ones and be a great boost to the process of awakening. Even by being here, they bring something from our homes, which are all places with much more hope.

We send our wishes that you will let more light into your realm. We believe in the eventual positive outcome of the project. The fact that we decided to speak about a challenge we are all facing doesn’t mean that we are not measuring a steady progress. We just wanted to tell you that it is not your fault. Be easy on yourselves, dear ones.

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