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Forward and Inward

by Veronica

A channeled message from Num’Shala


“And so we move forth in the direction of the Spirit, inhaling the purity of that within. The transformations that are not yet complete, have been difficult for many to endure for those that aren’t quite ready; aren’t quite strong. Despite guided by those of the light, you continue to fix your ways on old patterns, pulling you back to the ways the past. Self-inflicted blocks have obstructed the path of many down their search for Truth. Many have become lost and disoriented with overwhelming searches of information, searches for the “Truth”. Yet, what is Truth now? What do the books you search say? Do they hold more truth than that of your own? Many have lost trust in the very vessel of light that is YOU.

My dear ones, do not allow the storms of this reality restrict your freedom of movement. You are here to expand, explore, evolve and teach others to do the same. Your world has entered troubling times indeed and we understand the path of light, in your eyes, grows dim. However, we are here to assist with planetary transitions and your new bodily transformations. There will the new downloads within your chromosomes of life begin to inhabit.These changes will allow you to access compartments of your subconscious that at one point, were unattainable.We are in pure transformation methodology. There is no going back! It is not wise to withstand the struggles and hardships, the absurdities and foolishness that are developing right before you. You must allow the essential flow of these matters and trust in the Divine. Accept what is and learn to allow it to come to pass.

We continue to guide you and Love you from not too far. Within arms distance we shall be. And within due time, we shall present out true form. The time draws near. We humbly come forth with all our Love and Wisdom to share for the evolution of both your hearts and planet.”

Tot el meu amor, (With all my love)


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