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Perception and Deception

A channeled message from Num’Shala

“Brothers and sisters, we will be as candid about the coming truths as we possibly can. PERCEPTION!!!!!! Well…our perception is shifting; has shifted. How can you tell you ask? You cannot. In subtlety things will come. These changes are quite vigorous, and we do not want to cause you any despair. It is a time of GREAT CHANGE!


The veil is being lifted ever so slightly, giving some more insight than they care to know. Perception brothers and sisters. It is becoming increasingly difficult for some to see what lies ahead. You push so hard to see what pleases the eye, that the veil is then brought down in turn. Pause dear ones! Remember your purpose. You, We, are part of the Greatest Whole ever thought of. We come from pure Divine Perfection.

What Next?

We are steering in every direction, assisting in guiding all according. Your perceptions of what is WRONG is correct. Your perception of what is RIGHT is correct. It is all within the knowledge each of you have acquired until the present time. What you think you see may be an untruthful illusion of the masks you wear. You are asked to dig deeper.

The veil is thin dear ones, and you are so close. In spite of the fact that many have turned to wicked ways, there are still many whose light shines bright. Even the dimmest of lights are a cry for help. We see the desperation for Peace, for Change, for guidance, and for Love. Much like a child we become when we are humbled by such circumstances.

It is almost time for us to make ourselves known; to join our hearts with yours; our frequencies. However, like us are many. You must be true to your hearts and listen to it. Does what you percieve feel as if it comes from pure Love? Listen to your hearts. Many will come with radiant colors, proclaiming truths that are not our own.

Do not be deceived!!! This deception will only increase as time passes, so learn to use discernment at all times. You will soon begin to see healing take place and hope restored. We have never left your side dear ones; do not despair. You are most definitely not alone. You are cared for and loved by a power of unimaginable proportions!

Until the next, I bid you our love.”


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