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Reflections on Opalescence

by Veronica

Reflections on the book “Opalescence, The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

….isn’t there a lesson in pain?” Indeed there is, but not one you learn by holding on to pain. 
You must let go of the pain for the lesson to be integrated. (pg. 207, or new edition pg. 248)

Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, by Maryann Rada

Mastery is achieved when hearts and lives open to pain as Zero-Point Station’s last stop before returning home. Zero-point naturally is a pain-free zone. Love is where all extremes end.” (pg. 209, or new edition pg. 251)


Science identified this particular state as an Omnipresent Energetic Substructure. These waves carry energy and momentum, and each carry different frequencies and polarizations. Zero-point to me, is not really a place nor a number; it is a state of being with neutrality and Love power, that in turn, affects all other numbers in one way or another. Everything draws from here. This is a point of intersection (kind of like a “Yield” sign), where you slow down and recalibrate your soul.

You identify flaws, mistakes, ones path, things that no longer serve you. It is the Central point of Union that’s drawing infinite Love from everywhere and pushing it out towards the universe. At this point, our consciousness is united and we can heal from separation between ourselves and our Soul body. It is the point that creates a path of profound cooperation. A new understanding structured in harmony, love, and understanding.



Many of you are already feeling the effects of ZERO-POINT. Some of you have become more empathetic, clear-minded, and open-minded. There is a “mysterious” flow of energy that is just allowing things to happen. Suddenly, things are beginning to take place without much effort. Embrace this flow! We have reached the “phase of change”.We are now able to move forward in love, balance, and harmony with the universe.

This point of intersection is limitless and contains unprecedented frequencies for advancement; always with harmony and balance with the universe. It is the beautiful heart of God and the core of our existence; a neutral field that’s the heart of the most high.

Where there is Love and Cooperation, there is no limit.

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