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Temmerian Sexuality (a short conversation with Asket)

by Lan Apona

Asket: ”You have wanted to know about the sexuality of Temmers for a long time. I must apologize you had to be kept out of that knowledge because you had to grow through your own steps of understanding and recover memories of your own in a particular order. Now you know more. You have the reference point of the people of Erra and it was decided that it had to be the Pleiadian world that is closest to you. Again, we see the practice of a singular focus.”

Channeler: ”Can you tell me more about the breath of life exchanges I’ve seen in mediations.”

Asket (smiling): ”It was really enjoyable to watch your reaction as you saw me do that to a soul you care for deeply. Indeed there is an element to it that is near sexual as it is a very intimate act of exchanging energies of Creation for the purposes of restoring balance and healing. This is a tool you as earth humans don’t have… sorry for using that term, I know it hurts you so much when we refer to you like that as it triggers a sense of separation that is still a wound to you but you know why you had to go through it now. Back to the topic, you are finding new pathways to be there for each other and achieving a similar effect. It is as if you are finding a bypass, an evolutionary ability that makes up for what has been taken from you.”

Channeler: ”But some paths to awakening require abstinence, they say.”

Asket (laughing): “We don’t know about that. It is not the way we do it. Really, you have explored vast times of not experiencing physical intimacy but behind the scenes it was never like that. You’ve always had your astral adventures even though you were not aware. We are taking good care of you, lover boy. It is the same with so many others as you are beginning to discover. And, you are right, they may discover they are not as monogamous as they desperately want to be.”

Channeler: ”Asket, you are having fun with the exact expression that I used.”

Asket: ”Yes, as you felt, I had to search a bit in your memory to come up with the exact phrase. You are aware we do that from time to time.”

Channeler: “Yes, Asket it is always a pleasure and honor when you do that. Now, tell me about family values and relationships.”

Asket: ”If there is one word to describe them that would be Freedom. Of course, there are rules that are necessary to artificially control the population on Temmer more or less similar to the ones on Erra but there is no point in discussing that. You have your place reserved on Temmer, there is nothing to worry about. Your twin will be born on one of our colonies because her path would be best served as one energetically connected to the wild jungles of that world. And it will be a beautiful love story unlike the terrible drama you are experiencing right now. We send love to both of you daily and feel your pain.”

Channeler: ”This is getting more like a personal message to me, lol.”

Asket: ”It is but you deserve to have it for all the work you have done in order to reach of point at which you can actually get it. Meanwhile, send my love to the lovely Arcturian lady that is very close to your heart. She caused quite a few tears coming from positive emotions in the watchers when she decided to hold your hand. Lan was able to better feel what the right course of action would be, but he has the advantage of literary being you.”

Channeler: ”Thank you, dear Asket. My memories from lives in space don’t really involve families.”

Asket: ”Those are still very limited, although congratulations for being able to retrieve ones from ‘my’ mothership. We thought it would take more time. Anyway, talking about freedom, relationships are freer there. There are monogamous ones and open relationships. There are homosexual relationships too, although you know our opinion that it is caused by an imbalance of energies. Still, it is a field that some souls are exploring and we have grown to find that as a normal occurrence.”

Channeler: ”But I’ve seen no kids.”

Asket: ”There are but I know what you mean. Nuclear families are a bit rare. See, at one point in our evolution we decided that it was better to apply the principles of specialization to child bringing too. Some people turned out to be better parents, really excellent at helping children grow up emotionally and physically and learn lessons without traumas. Most of them stay on Temmer and enjoy the beautiful radiance of our Mother planet. Many warriors decide not to have children especially during their active years. Probably the rarest scenario would be a woman taking care of children while her husband is somewhere in space on a long mission. Sometimes we look at your family values and besides deeply respecting every aspect of being a planetary human, we still roll our eyes and wonder how you… I mean they came up with it.”

Channeler: ”Thank you, Asket. Again you are having fun with me.”

Asket (winking): ”You know me better than expect me to ever stop. When are you going to ask about the chapter from Maryann’s book?”

Channeler (blushing): ”Yes, I seek understanding related to that topic (she refers to ‘Sadomasochism Spaces You Out’, a chapter in Opalescence).”

Asket: ”You really had us laughing to tears with the testimonials you have been reading and receiving. It is good that Lucky Seven volunteered to restore some energetic balance to you and some sense in the mental loop you had entered. As you can see, I am only here to confirm what you already know. It started as a mechanism of healing reptilian infused traumas. And you also have a small fraction of reptilian DNA, so many of you have fun with those experiences. But, seriously, it all comes from an exchange of energies, it is all a spiritual experience… the spiritual side of it is what makes it count. I realize whatever I say right now won’t be enough.”

Channeler: ”Thank you, Asket, what you say brings me peace.”

Asket: ”I take leave of you now. See you in a few hours when you get to sleep.”


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    Reading this all over again, I think that I have a much better idea about certain details of those times, mostly the oneness, the love of Pleiadians to plan what would be some suitable methods to heal traumas. Other details might not have worked all too well for reasons that perhaps were not understood back then. Questions abound, about the soul families of the people of Earth…

    Thank you my bros and sisses…<3

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      With every contact, we’re piercing the forgetfulness. Every bit of light that comes through carries so much information and transformative potential. The mysteries somehow become more delicious this way.


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