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This is why we have limited intervention rights

by Lan Apona

This is a message from Asket of the Pleiadian Group.

We have always stated that our desire is not to shape the future of the planetary humanity in a way that serves our understanding of a bright future. We have been present in the periphery of the events that have been unfolding in the last thousands of years as limited intervention watchers and preservers of the right of Gaia to make sovereign choices for herself and on behalf of the people who are in her energetic field.

Another way that we participate is through the earthly incarnates from our star families (and I would like to extend that term to our Arcturian and Orion friends, as well as those from a few other places with whom we’ve worked for a long time). They have a mandate as citizens of Gaia and their daily decisions and the energy they have impact Gaia and vice versa.

We of the Pleiades and more concretely my people of Temmer have decided to cultivate our capacity to hold as much love of a high vibration in our hearts as we possibly can. But we are also known as warriors and our perspective has been shaped by our history. When we designed a grand strategy that our people were asked to follow and to incorporate in their contracts for the incarnations they are having now, we did it with the assumption that those would be executed by swordless warriors. We thought that what was best for the planet at this time was the integration and clearing of darker energy. Maryann had the bravery to write about our perspective in her books.

Gaia, however, took a different decision – one with more divinity in itself. She wanted more gentleness and love and fewer broken hearts. It took us a while to understand but now we believe that her approach was better and we congratulate her on her choices.

For those of you who know what the plan was and feel unable to deliver it, know that there is judgment neither from our structures nor your souls. A lot has changed in those years and it was impossible to predict it. Follow your hearts and listen to your intuition. The trail of love will take you to the place where you need to be.

We leave you with all the love and respect that our hearts can harbor.

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