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Triumph through Adversity

A recent message of hope from Num’Shala, through Nine’s Path contributor Veronica Gonzalez.


“Children of the most High, there is Triumph through Adversity. You are understanding the intense priorities of life itself. You are slowly coming into the reality of your hidden potentials. Of the warriors you are within. You, my dear ones, are resilient. The light that is emanating from deep within your souls is changing; for many, shining brighter and stronger.

You have come so far! Do not allow trepidation to blind you from your purpose. Do not let confusion settle in. You are so loved beyond comprehension. Do not forget to allow yourselves that time to search within and listen to Divine voice. This is the only voice that brings clarity in confusion, hope in desperation, and Love when there is so much hatred. Re-enter and Re-connect!

There is Triumph through Adversity! There is beauty in the chaos. We are here awaiting Divine right time for intercession. It is not by our will, but by the finger of the Most High. Trust that your needs will be met even through this time of change.

Until next time, I send you peace and love always,


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