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We can hear you!

by Veronica. Through the stillness of meditation they spoke to me. A message from the Pleiadians of Love and Hope.

From out of what seems to be a “state of unconsciousness”, comes the Dawn of a New Era. We have now emereged from our old ways, into our newly altered state of being. “But wait, is this place new? I feel like I’ve been here before!”

The Pleiadians answer me:

“Child of Light, you never left. You have only awakened your dormant memories of what once was. Come now and let us celebrate your return. Now, we must remind you that we are not quite finished. When there are promises on your planet of peace and stability, will begin a time of unsettling relentlessness. You have awakened to assist those dormant souls at this time. Although many will question and not understand, those awakened will. We had hoped for a contrastive scenario, but those on your planet are filled with greed and hate. The need for Greed and Power reigns in their hearts; and now it is inexorable. We can no longer observe the agony your planet is experiencing. We hear the cries of the land and of those whom do not even know we exist. They are crying out to anyone and anything in hopes of being heard. They are confused and shaken. You will begin to feel the strapping need to connect to those alike. Continue on gathering and connecting to the Divine as these transmissions of vibratory light only intensify as your souls connect.

It is not by chance, but rather by Divine guidance. Each and every time a connection is made, our ability to connect to you becomes intensified. Children of light do not despair, for we are guiding you with much love. Practice centeredness within yourselves. Practice Love for one another. Envision yourselves as free-flowing vibrational pulses, transmitting waves of Love and understanding. Immerse yourselves in the waterfall of Nine’s Divine Light. You are doing well, do not give up. Your works are not going unnoticed. We leave you now with all of our Love and Respect.

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