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Added: Privacy Policy Page

In keeping with my webmastering peers and the changing climate of legislated control of personal information, I’ve added a new Privacy Policy page detailing how your data is and is not used by the Nine’s Path websites. You can read it in detail here, if you like.

The Basics

As this is not a membership site and does not run ads, there is really very little information collected. The site uses cookies to know that you’re online, and for how long, and which pages are visited, but none of this information is personally identifiable, nor is it stored on this site.

As of this time, site-related announcements are shared through an email newsletter handled by MailChimp. When signing up, you will be asked to opt in, meaning you will receive a confirmation email which will require a simple response in order to get your subscription going. Basic and straightforward. I do not and will not share, sell, loan, or otherwise tell anybody anywhere anything about your information shared there. Newsletters contain site-related news, League of Light updates, links to connect and share socially, and very occasionally announcements about new things going on in the online store. That’s about it. I may be moving the newsletter to a platform that fits the needs of the site moving forward, and will share that information when and if it happens.

If you leave a comment, you can leave your name and website, if you have one. If you send a message via the contact form, obviously I will see your name and email address so I can respond.

None of this is stored, shared, sold or otherwise used other than to contact you if you so request. I don’t keep any information used with third-party operators, such as PayPal or YouTube, which have links on Nine’s Path; that information is used by them in accordance with their own privacy policies.

How This Impacts You

You’ll notice a new popup window nicely asking you if you would like to accept this site’s cookies. Sorry for the intrusion, but rest assured this is a very slim-minded site and the cookies are very lightweight. One click, yea or nay, and your on your way! If you clicked it already and would like to see it again, you can find a link to see the cookie settings again in the footer of every page. There’s a link to the privacy policy there, as well.

I’ve had to scramble a lot of changes into place in a very short time, so if you notice anything amiss, such as broken links, please drop me a line to let me know, or post a comment below. I am very grateful for such feedback, as it helps me bring you the best experience while you’re here.

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