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Weaving Opalescent Strands: Excerpts

Time to start weaving together the many parts of the League of Light’s gifts to us, a little more at a time. Now you will find, after each weekly Pleiadian tarot message, a short excerpt from the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity. These excerpts are meant to be thought-crumbs, a contemplation focus.

Each week, I choose a passage that complements the week’s message, amplifies it, and brings it into a broader, yet more pronounced, perspective. I encourage you to review them. Give the words and the energies encoded therein a few moments of your time. I assure you, they will give back to you many times over!

This week, the gist of the three-card tarot spread is blessed change. The Pleiadians ask, have you been waiting for something that’s suddenly appeared, perhaps (likely) in an unexpected form, and changed your life completely? This is a moment to stand in reflection of your journey, and to honor the transformation that destiny has brought to your toes. Before you step forward into a new mode of consciousness altogether, give yourself a moment of peace in the new light that’s streaming toward you. Great things await. You can read the full, detailed message here.

The corresponding passage from Opalescence: “Chaos is the unexpected, the surprising, the irrational. It often appears as a disaster, but also appears as a blessing. The birth of a child, for example, or the end of a life. Either can be seen as a disaster or a blessing. Both cause some amount of habitual breakdowns, the dissolution of a reality and the introduction of another. Neither normal nor chaotic is better than the other, as they exist as two poles connected by love. Love is the balancing point between extremes of either order or chaos. It is the crux of sanity.”

Do you see how it works? It’s my hope that these scattered threads of Opalescence bring some new light to you, the excerpts triggering some awakenings and realizations themselves. You can find them at the end of each weekly Pleiadian tarot post. I’m also including them in the newsletters, so you have them handy to refer to each week, as you move through these transformative times.

Give the energies encoded in 'Opalescence' a few moments of your time. They'll give back to you many times over! #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

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Pleiadian Tarot weekly readings and mid-week updates are designed for you on your individual journey and they holographically address more global issues at the same time.

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