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2/ The Human Frailty

When the population from the Lyran system fled, it was with a great history and enduring sense of self that they went. Of course, they were fleeing destruction, so more had to be carried in their memory than could be carried in their hands. What they did not bring, they reconstructed from what they remembered, but trauma has a way of warping even the most stalwart of characters. Through time’s aeons, the still-living essence of galactic origin pushes through the fabric of human civilization everywhere.

Under pressure from having to retain their memory of a civilization they had just witnessed being destroyed, those early human starseeds faced the potential of a second annihilation if they could not remain pure in the act of remembrance. They could not let fall the element which sustained their numbers — their inner connection to the timeless source of all life. Thus the early pioneers from Lyra chose to remember who they were in songs and story, and art. They sought to preserve memory in all things, lest future generations lose themselves to ancestry.

Sad tales of lost homes, broken hearts, and evil deeds became as known to the descendants as the stories of heroic cantas and deeply intoned oratorios of light. Of music, the Lyrans knew much, and shared much with those who welcomed them first as neighbors, then as family. Master storytellers were they as well, giving nuanced layers of understanding in the deft weaving of words. Where memory failed, however, understanding faced the challenge of remaining intact and positioned for growth. Expansion can happen within the opening of a temporal rift, either to lose or regain a grasp on the thread of reality current at the moment. So it can be that entropic loss of form and definition can trigger a reflex of remembrance, in the midst of forgetting. Thus it is at the moment of death, and thus it is in the loss of identity. This is where we again consider the frailty of the human form in relation to the perfection with which it serves the soul.

The pioneers from Lyra left great codes of memory in the places they went. Some of these seeds flourished, infusing native tales with accounts of travelers, visitors, and adventure. Where the culture of a landing-place was already secure, the native stories gave color and character to the Lyran legends. The beauty of a place grew into the form of the Lyran arts, and vice-versa.

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