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5/ World of Home: Lyran Civilization

From one thought, whole worlds can come into existence. So it is with many worlds which sustain civilizations, your own among them. The worlds of the stars of Lyra likewise came into being in response to the thought, arising from within the core of divine expression itself, is love endless? Is love all? These are the fundamental expressions the human mind can understand of the very foundation of planetary existence, human beingness, and reality in general.

The change from a reality in which everything is known and understood to one in which nothing is certain marks the moment of total transformation. Certainly, this is the common experience most humans on Earth share, regarding birth, death, and change. It is not so on all worlds of human life, however; it was not so on the worlds of Lyra. Humans developed a need for forgetting as the means of triumphing over the dark forces’ attempts to control destiny. How, we will explore at another point in our narrative. For now, we would like to look at the change forced upon our far-away ancestors. In this way, we can rediscover home.

The sentience of the life-sustaining worlds of the Lyran star system were ancient even in the days where our attention turns. It is the sentience of the worlds which determined the landscape and natural environment, which extended through the living creatures, and to which the human population was anchored. The harmonics within the biosphere resonated within the galactic vicinity as a steady deep tonality. Within the core of the planetary bodies was a keynote to which active entrainment perituned. Around vibrational pulsations, remembrance and knowing were as one. Awareness aware and consciousness conscious, all of life kept the fundamentals of harmonic relations in balance.

How does discord creep into the matrix of balanced algorithms of life? Any overabundance in such a system, enclosed within a network of ecospheres, will naturally cause a likewise underabundant counterbalance. It is within a physical experience understood as dynamism, and is outside the understanding of physical beings in an enclosed system. Thus, as the many became the few, following the massive slaughter of populations of human beings in physical form, a vacuum suddenly appeared where balance had been before. The understanding which arose engaged the remaining population in a dynamism which still echoes through the galaxy.

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Humans developed a need for forgetting as the means of triumphing over the dark forces' attempts to control destiny. #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet


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    What extraordinary communicating. It’s more than “writing”. Speaks to the Soul.


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