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4/ The Peaceful People: Lyran Civilization

The roots of galactic human civilization, including that of Earth as you know it, are essentially Lyran. With variations slight or large, all truly human civilizations can consider that their present culture and rituals derive from the stars of Lyra. No other civilization has had the same level of formative impact on the planetary cultural essence of Earth that is recognized as human as has Lyra.

You may wonder why we say this with the premise of peaceful people, when you see astounding acts of violence within social structures and individuals alike, but it is true. At its core, the civilization of humankind entrains to peace. It is the brokenness of trauma and the influence of fear and horror that make it seem otherwise. One of the reasons the people of Earth are so easily pushed to degrade the holiness of the bond of friendship between each other is that the scars of the past emerge where healing is thwarted. Under pressure, division severs connections. Yet also, under pressure, memory can rush forward and overturn the entropic effects of forgetfulness. Remembrance brings integration, and reconnects what time seems to separate.

The original face of humanity, in the time before Lyran worlds experienced the ravages of marauding hordes and the destruction of their civilization, expressed serenity unmarked by comfortless grief. It was not that the people of those worlds did not know sickness or death, but that the continuity of life was understood as unbreakable. The whole of Lyran civilization was infused with this understanding. Variation among peoples was recognized as the expressive form-taking of divine self-knowledge, and was celebrated, honored, and expounded as the perfection of love in living form. Beauty remained in every person’s countenance and reflected itself in every facet of nature.

The foundation of peace in the Lyran worlds was firmly rooted in knowing the nature of reality as love. The divine, to the Lyran, was nature itself. Some remnant of this understanding survives on your world, even though for the most part divinity has been relegated to buildings and important people who hold office within them. For the Lyran, all of reality was inseparable from the divine; everything, every thought, every life form, was divinity itself. So was the Lyran mind attuned.

It is not that the perfection of balance expressed itself without variation in their experience, however. The Lyrans of those ancient days were present with opportunities to adjust their minds to a great variety of experience. They adhered to a philosophy of energetic manifestation of thought, in which they recognized the movements and form of reality as projections, emanations, embodiments of the patterning of their mind. To the Lyran, reality presented a tangible effect of collective mental functioning. Together, they created their world. Thus, they valued peaceful coexistence, respect, and love most highly.

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For the Lyran, all of reality was inseparable from the divine; everything, every thought, every life form, was divinity itself. So was the Lyran mind attuned. #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet

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