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Changing Address

In Itself, Life Is Invincible: The Inevitability of Transformation

We speak to you today from the point of view of people who have managed to stay alive for a very long time, in your terms. Most of us live well into our 900’s, some longer than a thousand years. How then do we counsel you on such matters as death and transformation, if we have so little experience of it in terms you can relate to? We are human, we die. We understand there is a process of transformation that life undergoes in times of exiting reality’s form. We also understand that we don’t die, not really, not ever. Transformation is not the same thing as death. It is simply the recalibration of life to another set of circumstances and parameters. As long as there is the spark of consciousness, there is life. So for the one about to undergo a transformation from life into light, what can we say to counsel you? Plenty.

Once we were a people of singular intent, and that was simply to be and explore the concept of I AM within the parameters of existence set before us. Now were are a people of diverse refractions of truth, of separation and reintegration of I AM, such that the simple intent of reflection of experience of a soul body back to source becomes the fine art and science of saying “I AM that I AM”. This is who we are. Pleiadian by definition, as the sun that shines on the home planet of our race is of the stars you call Pleiades. Human by beingness, as that is our form. We experience life through the form of human being, of Pleiadian origin. We say I AM, and this is part of what that means for us. Before we had an understanding of the fullness of light from OM through the refraction of separation from OM, we called ourselves, in your terms, Lyran. Have we ceased to be Lyran? Lyra was and is no more in the timeline of human history of which you are a part. We have not, yet it no longer defines who we have become. There are still Lyrans in this galaxy. They are within the earliest memory of human consciousness and can be called forth from the depths of any who carry the DNA of Lyran in their blood. Lyrans have become Pleiadians, Sirians, Procyonians, and other races linked through the vestiges of Lyran autonomy. There is no death, as long as the spark of consciousness is alive.

The time of transformation has begun and the human species is in flux. #changingaddress #ninespath Share on X

When you set out on the great quest to experience human beingness on the playing field of Earth, you said goodbye to who you had known yourselves to be. No longer are you in remembrance of your greater nature, but that doesn’t mean it has ceased to be. You are not captive in the human form wrapped in the cloak of forgetfulness. To your greater nature you will return, yet that does not mean existence will cease for the consciousness you have as your identity now. It is not of death we speak, nor of ceasing to be, but of transformation, modulation, and rebirth into who you have always been. You did not go to your doom, when you entered into the game of Life on Earth. It may seem that way from time to time, and it may seem that way to some of you now, but we assure you, that is not how it has been arranged. Your soul knew what it was doing, and more than you know, it does still.

And now we come to the point of transformation. Finally, it arrives. Are you in tune with it? Are you prepared for it? How can you know without having had any prior experience within the range of your memory with which to compare total transfiguration? Ah, dear friends, we know a thing or two about it, and we are most happy to share. All you need to do is receive what we share with open hearts and open minds, but not without first settling into love in your inmost being. It is with love that we share with you now what you have been wanting to know but have not fully grasped, what you have studied, but have not had the opportunity yet to experience firsthand. The energies of the transformation are already in gear, and you are in it. Are you feeling it? Are you dizzy, are you sleepy, are you anxious or feeling the approach of great change? The time of transformation has begun and the human species is in flux. Higher frequencies are moving into your realm of being, and you might be feeling their influence in certain ways that have you wondering what on Earth is happening. We say, calm your nerves, steady your minds, and relax into the experience of integration with your greater selves. You are a fractured people in search of wholeness. Wholeness finds you. What has taken eons to heal finally comes to the point of decision. Will you live or will you die? If you have died a thousand deaths already, do you really want to do that again? Or will you choose to live as you have never lived before, as fully integrated humans in the recognition of Self? We heartily recommend the latter, as it is much more enjoyable and an adventure you have been waiting a long time to undertake.

We stood once where you stand today, in a reality that is not so different though not the same, either. When the choice was presented to the people of Lyra either to perish or to live, there was not much time to think. Those who chose to perish with their planet did not die. The spirit is not so easily destroyed, dear ones. And those who chose life ceased to be Lyran in a process of transformation into humans of other stars. Yet the heartbeat of Lyra lives on still in the genetic lineage of humanity across the galaxy. You are not so far removed from the origins of your race, and closer still to transformation into a new definition of yourselves. Here you stand, on the precipice of existence, as your reality staggers and crumbles in the onslaught of a new reality crashing in upon your shores. You hold a precious moment in your hands. If you, tired of life, choose what has never been considered possible, the transfiguration of the human into the divine, you choose the way of life undying. There is no God and Other; there is only divinity woven through the endless realities of form and being. You cannot cease to be, though you may try to experience it. The form returns to elemental vibration and reassembles itself according to I AM in endless variation. This you call death. The form instead can call forth from its essence the perfection of itself and become transformed into a superluminal expression of being in response to love realized as the foundation for all being. This, we call life, and light is its form and structure. The transformation is underway, and the response to love is manifesting in the death of what cannot sustain the force of light. Shadows flee to source or surrender to transfiguration. That which remains as life, too, is transfigured, and what you will become is a new human, yet human to the core. You do not lose yourself in the process of change; you only lose what you are not. We say, let fear fall away, let deceit dissolve, let anger and rage abate and let joy instead be. You will not perish, dear ones. You will only lose the illusion of separation, the source of your greatest pain.

In peace, we await reunion.

When you set out on the great quest to experience human beingness on the playing field of Earth, you said goodbye to who you had known yourselves to be. Share on X We say, let fear fall away. You will not perish, dear ones. You will only lose the illusion of separation, the source of your greatest pain. Share on X

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    These wonderful messages just keep getting better. I do feel the change as a daily experience. It is alive and real and most exciting!! I have had loss, and it has been difficult. It has pushed me to choose-sink in sadness and stay there in defeat, or really reach for what I know is true and hold myself there. Peace comes come acceptance and faith in what I know is coming for all of us. Thank you!!


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