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Changing Address

Mysteries of Origin

Long ago in the history of Earth, there came a time of great upheaval and discord among the nations. Your books and papers dance around the subject, and all talk on the matter is relegated to the periphery of religions and speculation. Have you ever wondered about the stories you have heard about the gods, about great cataclysms, or what became of legendary heroes and civilizations? Well, settle back and we will attempt to fill in some of the spaces between truth and ignorance with a bit of storytelling designed to bring you up to speed on some of the hot topics of ages long past.

Your ancient writings and more ancient pictures tell of strange things in the skies, of lights that danced and machines that flew from heaven to earth, depositing people from other realities upon your shores. Some of these people, you are told, are the ones who created you as you are, some who ruled over the people of the planet, some who tried to liberate your long-ago earth ancestors from the bonds of slavery and incapacitating situations of servitude and disgrace. In the times long before your earliest texts took written form, your people were peaceful, happy, and productive, and enjoyed a relatively high standard of living by any means of reckoning. There was no war, no mayhem, no disturbance of the natural order. Holographically speaking, much was the same, it could be said, of the civilization native to Lyra long, long before Earth was even settled by humans at all. What happened to the Lyrans is much the same as what happened to the ancient ones of Earth. Something chaotic broke through the walls of reality that shattered their worlds forever, scattering them to the winds and changing for good the trajectory of their peaceful ways of life. Pirates invaded, raping their land and subjecting them to their noxious rule, and obliteration. Pirates blasted into the world of the Lyran sun, and history took a turn for the worse. Pirates found their way to the rich lands of Earth, as well, and history as you have known it began with them.

Ancient writings and pictures tell of machines that flew from heaven to earth, depositing people from other realities upon your shores. Click To Tweet

If you were to travel back in time to see what was happening to your long-ago ancestors from the time of the rape of the pirates, you would be sorely pressed to find anything from which to draw hope for the survival of sanity in any form other than broken. So severe was the force of bent will upon the collective mind of the people that it simply ceased to be what it had been. It broke, and it has never been the same since. You can find pieces of it here and there, buried deep in ancient traditions and spiritual paths, but to find it intact there has been little success. The human psyche was blown apart. And now, it is time for it to come together again.

How do you approach such a daunting task? How do you complete an almost-7-billion-piece jigsaw puzzle when you are one of the pieces? A different perspective is needed, that’s one thing for sure, and you have various ways of attaining that. It has been the point of these messages to help you see how the different pieces can fit together, yet there is one way you can ensure that integration becomes seamless… and seemless. It will happen spontaneously at some point, as soon as enough of the pieces realize that they’re part of the same puzzle and in alignment with that realization they will simply find their fit, magnetically drawn and hermetically sealed in a picture of perfection. The triumph of the human spirit paints quite a beautiful picture, you must know that to be true. It is your own integration with your own multidimensional beingness that guides the process, one by one each piece becoming perfected in itself until the waveform of perfection sweeps undeniably through the whole nearly 7 billion individuated pieces of conscious human awareness. Once that starts, there’s no telling what might come of it. It’s a process that’s been, quite literally, eons in the making.

Your history books begin with the advent of duality reality. They have gone on for chapter after chapter, chronicling relative balance between the dipoles of give and take, life and death, hope and despair. When will it end? Oh, dear brothers, how many times have your people asked that question, how many times have those words been begged of the stars in anguish under a dark sky from mothers and fathers and children standing on blood-soaked ground? When will it end? When will duality finally achieve integration? When will you finally be able to lay down your weapons and walk in peace with another who had been your enemy? When will you be finished putting labels on everything, classifying everything as either a threat or a promise, either of which to be broken by a vengeful god? Have you had enough of such logic, are you ready to come to your senses and put your heads together, and your hearts, and your hands? Good people, you are ready, you are more than ready, some of you. Your people are still wrestling with pain. Some of them are still spitting poison in their words, their memories not strong enough to let go of injustice. Are you? We ask you to search your own hearts for any remnant of pain, any splinter in your soul that prevents you from breathing deep the free air of peace achieved. What you find may be what someone else needs to see you demonstrate the method of love’s healing transformation through. How you choose to deal with pain can teach another a lot, unbeknownst to you. How you choose to respond to the pain of the collective mind of humanity as it wrenches itself toward integration feeds the hunger of souls lost in the mist of separation from Self. Be aware, dear ones, in these days where peace is assembling itself, and know that with every breath in unison we all hear the reverberation of OM.

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    I Am not of lyran decent but from beyond that nor of pleiadian I Am from source as all is bt from before such ideas concepts of lyran or pleiadian I Am from first point of the emanation upon its journey before it entered into the experiment game experience of being lost unto itself before Angels and masters all the names and masks that the one of the selfhood plays in and with and its returning to the collection of itself to allow for the potions of itself to join which side of the story they are in resonance with in vibration blessings Audrey Light Language <3


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