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Isis Soul Collective

The New Freedom Is from Knowing the Way Forward

from the Isis Soul Collective

Come into the door that opens to the light. You will know the way by the sound of your own heart as you approach it. Tune your awareness inward, so you become more aware of your heart’s cadence and the way it responds to the waves of experience you undergo and witness others undergoing. Do you feel the way the heart responds to another’s anguish? Does it feel the same when you have a taste, presently or remembered, of your own anguish?

This is something of a global phenomenon of late, and the collective of beingness from which this voice sources is acutely aware of the intensity of pain, hopelessness, and despair that washes in waves across the spectrum of life that makes up the breath and love of this living Earth. We know the pain that some of your people are experiencing, and we know the joy that is lighting upon others. What good does it do for the whole world to be caught in a loop of frustration, stuck in one extreme or the other, aware of the imbalance in experience across the spectrum of humanity now directing their lives on Earth? Or the frustration of having relatively equal shares, as most do, of some trouble and some joy; this, too, is lacking the fulfillment of what human life is capable of creating. There is another way, dear ones, and it is one you can have in your grasp. You possess it already, and need only remember it.

We of the collective you know as Isis, divine mother of Earth, we know the troubles of the world. We love the planet as a mother loves her child. We suffer when she suffers, and we step past the point of rescuing her from problems, knowing that she can rectify them on her own. You are part of the biosphere of Earth, and your collective breath is part of that world. When you become aware of your part in the collective that is life on Earth, of Earth, you too will see the way of setting things aright within the world. Indeed, you are an extension of the planet. Your collective life is part of the planetary sphere. This is true for any world you are dwelling in or upon.

When infinity arises, the moment will have come for all potentials to collapse. Until then, you explore them. Trouble need not be part of the end-game experience, unless it is something that you wish to carry with you into the next part of your journey. We invite you to rest a moment, set down the parcel of care that weighs upon you, and continue on your way having given your blessing to the experience that you are living.

When infinity arises, the moment will have come for all potentials to collapse. Until then, explore them. Trouble need not be part of the end-game experience. Click To Tweet

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