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What About Family Division?

Q: Hello Maryann, can you ask what happens when a family member doesn’t see the big picture, and is caught up in the false narrative… then gets upset when you try to speak of the truth?  😔 Thank you, T. 

A: The next of kin will have much to consider, as the world approaches the bifurcation point. You will continue to have realizations and integrations. They will carry you even higher in your awareness than you already are. There is no way you can avert this or sabotage yourself. Your family will be witness to this and have their own moments of epiphany. Those who guide them can only do so much. They have to make the decision to detach from the lie. Their guides and ancestors will give them signals.

The most you can do is to remember how it was for you to wake up. Be the one who really cares. As there were angels looking out for you, be the angel looking out for them. The prayers you offer and the whispered intent do much to change the course of their core energy flow. As you pray for your family, also pray for all. You will be joining a great big pool of directed intent and loving prayer.

You have yet some work to do. You will not fail in any way. Put your heart into the act of praying for your family to awaken. In this way, you will solve some of your own soul’s problems of coming to a point of peace within the time of transformation. It is the great call to come together for the sake of love. The world will benefit greatly.

Don’t worry. This will limit your voice. Worry will drain you when you need to be strong. Rather, see your family members as happy. Hold this in your mind. Create a nest for them; welcome them before they are there within your mind. Create a path of entrainment toward peace and joy, and settle within your own body’s presence with a certainty that everyone awakens according to their soul’s plan.

There really is a choice to be made, but it is a choice for them, not you, and it is a choice to be where they are supposed to be, not a choice to be with you. Thus, you are called to release your maddening thoughts and to embrace the path of joy. The world is moving toward joy. You are facing the choice of moving toward joy, as is everyone.

Q&A: More is at work than you know. Time gathers her brood; the world brings her children home. Be in one awareness of that. Know you support each other in that. #pleiadian #ninespath #familyseparation Share on X

Soon, the destruction will be complete of everything about the lie. This is already on the way. Those who choose to make the difficult choice to change everything they believe in will need to have the same kind of peace of mind that you have when you meditate upon the truth. Remain aware of this peace always; allow it to grow.

More is at work than you may know. Time is gathering her brood and the world is bringing her children home. Be in one awareness of that. Know that you support each other in that. This is the highest way. It will bring more unity of love among you.

We are the Pleiadian Renegades of the League of Light, with you now and always in friendship and love. We will share more soon. Until then, be strong and in the spirit of love.

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Thanks, T., for your question on families who stand polarized. More Q&A coming soon!

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