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Renegade Q&A

What About the Coronavirus?

Q: Hello Maryann, Did you hear any information on the “coronavirus” 😉 best regards, Y.

A: Remember the words we shared with you in the temporal markers. We said there would be wide-spread disease and death. It is not the end yet. This outbreak is something for you to pay attention to. How is it being used to manage the attention of the world? How is it being used to manipulate the collective mind of humanity, and the emotions? How do you choose to respond in the absence of pure, unadulterated information, and how do you choose to receive and interpret what information reaches you? Many speculate now, many risk much to bring you truth, and many, for their reasons, do whatever they can to create scenarios and confusion through the manufacture of lies. Why this is happening may appear to be complex, and it is to some degree. However, when you have the full picture, with all the details that have been withheld from total disclosure, you will see it is much simpler than you may now guess.

See the video edition of this message:

Because the present drama surrounding the news of this event concerns a larger drama as yet not fully appreciated by the waking public, we are not able to simply tell you everything. We understand your frustration about this, and while we are a trusted news source for many of you, the fact remains that there are many brave and noble people on your world who are totally dedicated to unearthing the truth and sharing it openly. We will not interfere in their soul’s mission. We have been helping to direct attention where we can, and we continue to speak through our trusted channels.

Regarding specifically the coronavirus, it is true that people are getting sick. It is true that some are not recovering, while some do. It is true that there is a vast, sprawling pretext, dark and deeply woven, reeking of conspiracy and subterfuge. Those who wish to keep this shadow world of control out of the light of day, so to speak, are desperate now. In their mad rush to protect their subculture, they have been pushed to the point of alarm. Be aware of this, but do not yourselves become alarmed. Hold your core position solid within the light of divine awareness, and know that the battle being waged is in its approach to becoming full-blown. Thus, you can expect some panic, some desperate measures, some mistakes inevitably, too. Maintain your calm within a core trust of a plan of divine design. Nothing has been overlooked, all is known, choices have been made, and lines of allegiance are becoming redrawn and strengthened. The coming light will indeed scatter the shadows, until the world repatriates the exiles of love. You who fight for truth will see its vindication. But first, the necessary things must happen. Be firm in your resolve and as one in your love for the world, for it is undergoing a great transformation. Together, be humbled in the face of what you do, for truly it is massive and important for worlds beyond your own.

Q&A: The Pleiadian Renegades answer a question on coronavirus. 'When you have the full picture, you will see it is much simpler than you may now guess.' #pleiadian #ninespath #covid19 Click To Tweet

Do not be alarmed, but see as markers the news about the spread of disease. Trust in your powers of discernment and take care of yourselves and each other, for chaos spreads in the wake of news, sickness, and lies. It is true there is an illness, but not everything you hear about it is spoken honestly or with good intent. Be wise and aware. Times are coming that will test your resilience. This will be intense, but short-lived, Then you will have new and exciting challenges, and a great opportunity to redefine yourselves, collectively. Don’t lose hope, above all. You are far from alone.

We are the Pleiadian Renegades of the League of Light, with you now and always in friendship and love. We will share more soon. Until then, be strong and in the spirit of love.

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Thanks, Y., for your question on the coronavirus. More Q&A coming soon!

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