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Dare to Be Human

Knowledge of human history is incomplete without a consideration of your extraterrestrial origins. Less than a fraction of your DNA is anything but human. You are of terrestrial human origin by birth, but you are also of divine life and star elements. We are also human by birth, and of divine life and star elements as well. What separates us is a matter of dimensional phasing, and that is a function of long-ago creation of portals and the ability to traverse them. We have that ability and you, as yet, do not. Understand that this will change, but first you have a more pressing situation at home. Before peace, you will have some chaos. Why do we warn and not prevent? Because, dear ones, you are the ones who will avert disaster. If that is not yet clear to you, it soon will be.

Your problem is not with a human or terrestrial point of origin, but with a source of non-human, extraterrestrial patterning. You are going to have to expand your concept of what human is. Your current definition is far too constricting. When you confront something outside of yourself, you finally have a chance to define yourself in terms of what you’re confronting. It is true for everything you do and now is a good time to recognize that. Now you are confronting something that is bigger than that individual or group or field of loyalty. Now you are confronting something that sees only necessary evil in the form of human beings. You are about to choose whether or not you are subjects of such a view of humanity or whether you are a new kind of human altogether. You are not the people you once were, living in the shadow of understanding cast by a behemoth of dark bearing. You are no longer enslaved by the concept of duty without honor, of men and women being expected to sacrifice themselves for concepts that have no resemblance to the ideas they are supposed to embody. It is becoming more and more apparent that you are waking up to the fact that reality isn’t what it used to be, and that the time and tone of Now is upon you. Your world is changing, and so are you. Tomorrow is dawning. Home is in need of your presence. What will you make of it?

New concepts of self come like a blast that blows away all that was and leaves no trace of the person you once were. So it is when the concept of self changes for the entirety of a human population, for the whole of humanity. It is going to feel like that kind of recalibration and you will be hard-pressed to find a vestige of your former way of dealing with the powers of the world and personal accountability.

More I cannot say, but if you open to the words I have shared, you will be able to know more about why you are here and where you are heading. Soon the Now will arrive where that is known. In the Now you are now occupying, be steadfast in your resolve to be a whole, functional organism of human nature. Our presence will continue to be felt more tangibly and you will know the truth in its fullness as time moves on. Be at peace and know that you are most beloved. I am Semjase of the League of Light and I say, be strong, people of Earth. Be wise and above all, be loving toward yourselves. The day is fast approaching.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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    Thanx for sharing brilliant indeed,
    I also wish to share,
    Love Always

    Celestial Journey
    I think I’l leave my body and fly just like a balloon,
    And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the moon,
    But there’s one thing that I need, before I float off in the blue,
    I need a sky companion and I want it to be you.
    We’ll fly beyond the storm clouds and watch from up above,
    Then glide right through a rainbow and feel each others love,
    You’ll shower in the stars at night, in a special place,
    I’ll dry you with a comet’s tail and gently kiss your face,
    Lucid shifting landscapes, changing every day,
    We’ll hug and spin together across the milky way,
    The moon will wane before us, hung in heaven’s height,
    For there’s nothing that can challenge, our spirit’s endless flight,
    Venus shines upon us, beaming her devotion,
    Our dreamy drifting dalliance in nights celestial ocean,
    I’ll write you lovers’ poetry, and you shall be my muse,
    Andromeda and Orion will oversee our cruise,
    We’ll sleep with clouds as pillows, and borrow angel’s wings,
    Then fly like magic lovebirds and slide round Saturn’s rings,
    And should we tire of drifting with the stars all floating by,
    We’ll hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.
    Please take my hand come fly with me, we’re heading past the sun,
    We’re flying till we find the place where two souls merge as one.

    Hugs Leo

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      This is a very high level ROMANCE or a high frequency POEM for MARYANN!

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    Hello SEMJASE !
    Your today message is well received. I think you are the first being from the PLEAIDES I came to be in contact with.
    You remember the long sharing and communication you had with Billy Eduard Albert Meier. I read these sharing.
    Please accept my warm greetings. I have a huge comfort when reading your message.
    As the day is fast approaching, I intend to invite you to share a cup of tea. Why not! Probably you will tell me that you do not drink our tea. No problem! It will be a VIRTUAL CUP OF TEA. You just hold the concept of sharing a cup of tea with someone and it is done. I appreciate that my friendly invitation is granted.
    Know that you have all my support.

    Hello Maryann Rada,
    I sent questions to ASKET. I did not receive any reply. May be the veil between ASKET and us is thicker now? Maybe ASKET does not answer questions? Maybe ASKET is too busy? Maybe I simply not really know what to think.

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    Asket here. You can read what I write on this blog, through the benevolent work of my friend and scribe. Beyond that, I read what you write and take everything into consideration in putting together information along with the others I am in service with. If I don’t answer you directly, Siegfried, please don’t be discouraged. I am busy and I don’t put upon Maryann to answer all questions that are put to me. However, since you are being so endeavoring for contact, I will say that I am being in the moment now, and answering you as one who has a lot of information to share, all in good time. If you wish to have more direct contact with our crew, you are certainly welcome to avail yourself of the service Maryann provides through her website of personal readings, or consider the effort involved on her part of taking personal inquiries from the many. Please know that I read your questions, and I read every comment that is posted here and in other locales, and there is nothing for you to worry about. We are present in great number around the planetary sphere and will be gathering momentum as you do, as a global population awakening to your inner integral divine nature. In these times of your present world, nothing stays the same for long. The truth will abide, however, and so will our love for your people. Expect other things to change, but that will remain constant. In peace, Siegfried, I bid you a good evening and wish you good journeys on your path toward understanding and cohesion among neighbors. Asket.

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      Thank you Asket! I do appreciate your reply. Please have a nice day. You have all my trust.


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