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Up and Away

An ending is in sight. You are seeing it as a transition, and that is good, but that entails an ending. You need to be ready for that. We are only able to tell you about it; it’s up to you to experience it. A way to prepare yourselves is to let go of hard-and-fast ideas about ultimate outcomes. Beginnings are more difficult than endings, but endings don’t need to be hard at all. Letting go is easy when you realize that what you are letting go of is what you created. You never lose what you create. Losing anything is making a change in your reality and that is making a change in more than the world you know and love. You also change your consciousness, and that changes you. Are you able to let go of who you know yourself to be and meet another aspect of your embodied soul? If you are, you very soon will have the pleasure of meeting your future self as the light being you want to see arrive on your planet’s stage in this final act of an age-old drama. Can there be such a meeting of timelines? As a matter of fact, you are about to find out. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief on that matter.

We of the League of Light are ready to help if the need arises. We aren’t sure that it will. Your transformation is already underway and it appears that the ones in power are self-destructing even while they maintain control of stone-cold time – or think they do. Very soon, it will be visible to all who look at them that the norm of business as usual has no more life and that they are breaking apart as the world shifts into a new phase of beingness. You are not going to be left out of the party, dear ones. There is plenty of room on the world of tomorrow for all who want to experience that. You haven’t missed anything while you’ve been dealing with your own personal issues and changes, and no one is going to be forgotten. We are still on reserve if things turn ugly, but we don’t anticipate the worst-case scenario.

Unspoken yet is news of what we are doing, but we can only say so much before our words are understood by entities who would be interested in using them to alter your timelines. Be vigilant in your thoughts, dear ones. Keep your reality on track for our meeting you sooner rather than later. The best way to keep focused energetically is to remember your way up emotionally. A happy feeling is the best way to get into a frequency where we can meet you. A sure-fire way to access the happy vibe is to OM. It opens the energy portals of your body and feeds your system a nutritious energy snack. How you OM is not as important as that you do something to elevate your frequency. OMing is a good way to do that. Once you elevate your frequency, the things unspoken can be understood directly. In this way, wordless understandings cause no ripples in your world’s resolving drama and your curiosity is satisfied for the moment. Pure understanding will also help send energies to the nodes of light that carry information to the other planets and people who are undergoing transformation at this time. Raising your vibrational frequency will voice what we cannot say. Understanding will tell you everything you want to know.

Hauling your luggage with you would be burdensome in the days of light that are coming. Pack light and leave everything you don’t need behind. You came into the world with nothing and you’ve done well since then. Same applies to the time you are approaching. You are set to inherit a new world, to embark on a new voyage of discovery, to have a new idea of what it means to be galactic humans. We are ready to begin your waking-up process on a higher level than you may have guessed but which you have hoped for. If you are ready, so are we.

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    It resonated with me, Maryann, espicially th best place 2 meet higher dimensional beings is through Happiness! At least 3 times on my travels on v.happy days of celebrations once on a beach n twice indoors new people would turn up n join our gathering in th same Joyous carefree attitude as ourselves n they would tell me they are friends of my friends n after lots of v.happy exchanges they would depart! Then it felt like coming down a notch back 2 normality n it would turn out no one else ever seen these visitors n from thier perspective I was talking 2 people they couldnt see!

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      Thanks for sharing that, Kev. I know you have had lots of strange and wonderful (and strangely wonderful) experiences, sounds like another day in the life of you! Truly, I’d love to have such a meeting… perhaps, as Semjase seems to suggest, we soon will!

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    It is so difficult for lightworkers to raise their frequencies in this dog eat dog world especially you have to work so hard to pay the bill monthly and also having to deal with the incoming energies, havin all sorts of pain in joints, heart, etc. It would be more painstaking for those asleep cause they do not know what is going on – the only thing they read from the newspapers is disaster after disaster. And even when the lightworkers offered their perspective on the current events (Ulkarine Crisis, China Terrorist, Missing MH370 plane, Africa Mascare, Korean War Tension, Korean Cruise Sinkage, Afgan Landslide that claimed 2,000 thousand lifes, etc). It seems this world is going to end in a nasty way but the guide keep saying these are karmaic events.

    So, does the message above implying the world is going to end eruptly or are we just going to wake up into a new world? And how long will this be done, we are all very very very tired and sick of the delaying already.

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon – The Spiritual Flute Composer.

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      Piperon, I definitely resound your words, that we are very tired of the delays in things finally shifting, but I don’t feel that the message is implying anything abrupt in the way of catastrophic end-of-the-world kind of happenings. I don’t know what “it” will look like; I’ve only seen hints in the messages that have appeared on these pages for years (this and the other linked collections of messages). Sometimes, as Semjase says, change comes like the winds of a storm and blows all the concepts of “who you are” away. That’s sort of like the end of a world, and it’s also like waking up as someone new. I think, perhaps, when it’s all happening, we will experience something like this, that’s all this and more. If I were to say I know what it will be like, I would be lying. I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. We all only have our individual paths of healing age-old traumas and experiences to travel, and the process of forgiveness and integration, coming into wholeness, re-creates us every step of the way. I’m with you in being ready for feeling better and not worrying about bills and the noise of the news. Lately I’ve chosen to silence a few sources of noise, and I feel better for that. When I’ve revisited them, I’ve noticed I feel less of a “charge”, so that to me is peace, and a confirmation of having made a good choice. It’s one thing I can do while all the other pieces of the world puzzle fall into place for the shift to occur with the least resistance.

      Wishing you great love!

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      I totally feel you. I mean, kind of literally. Isn’t that how this stuff works? 😉

      Here’s some honesty. Just my own perspective, and granted I’m new to this, but it came in a flood for me all at once and it was terrifying and what felt like sheer magic at the same time.

      Part of where we end up hitting a brick wall in trying to ‘offer our perspective’ is we tend to get so accustomed to thinking and feeling these things – we forget to connect with the very people we most need to reach on their own ‘level’.

      It’s crucial where I’m concerned. And it’s difficult. Can be extraordinarily frustrating.

      Also totally worth it, doable, and precisely what we are here to help do.

      Some people who are trying to do only good speak in a way that ‘alienates’ others. (I’m a big fan of puns.)

      I blog too. Below are a few fairly short pieces if you’d like to check them out. I don’t begin to claim I’m perfect. None of us are. I think that’s why we’re here. But I do everything possible to essentially ‘translate’ whatever messages I feel I’m getting, channeling, whatever you call it, into human-speak others who don’t feel it yet can understand.

      Humor is key in my experience. KEY. As you say, people don’t want to hear more ‘downer’ stuff. They read far more than enough of that in the news. We all want to be entertained. I was trained as a lawyer and an English major. I used to be a grammar nazi. Now I use slang out the mo’flippin wazoo.

      This is an example of catering a bit. There’s much truth in what’s said in the linked article, as I think you’ll agree. But so many people out there won’t begin to touch it, or read it, or buy it, unless you come at things with the same skepticism they feel. So maybe it’s a bit sneaky. But guess what. Gets them reading, right? And THINKING. Which is key.

      Here’s an attempt to explain what it feels like, a bit.

      Here’s an attempt to break some things down. Encourage ‘connecting the dots’.

      And here’s my experience.

      Everyone comes to these realizations in their own way. THAT I’m sure of. If we’re going to be effective at accomplishing our goals – we have to ‘translate’. Reach people on their own terms.

      Usually that means doing it gently. Speaking their language. Not trying to beat them over the head. It won’t work, or you might get institutionalized. (I was.) You talk God and Jesus to Christians. You talk karma to Buddhists, and reincarnation possibilities, respect The Old Testament for Jews, and include songs like Judith by A Perfect Circle for atheists and hardcore skeptics.

      I totally relate to the actual aches that accompany feeling these things. But mine went away huge once I started writing – and really paying serious attention to what I call ‘signs’ about what I’m supposed to write, and just as importantly, HOW I believe I’m supposed to write.

      Otherwise this is all meaningless, right? We have to get through. It’s the other reason we are here.

      Bills are the worst, by the way. I do not speak ‘money’.

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    Hi There,

    I apologize for the intense lengthiness below. There’s a lot I need to communicate to people who apparently know far more about whatever this all concerns than I do. And I would so very much appreciate any info you’d be willing to shoot me.

    I’m a third year law student. Thus I’ve been brainwashed my entire life to worship ‘pure reason’ – whatever the heck that is – and to discount everything you believe in as complete and total bullshit.

    I recently reconnected with a HIGHLY RATIONAL, incredibly intelligent pseudo-friend from high school via Facebook. He’s into quantum physics, science, and fully believes there are ‘aliens’ on earth. We were hardly acquaintances before. He told me to start looking into this stuff and particularly into the Pleiadians. (He also told me I am one. Ha?)

    I went through an experience last year I call a ‘spiritual awakening’. That’s exactly what it was. It was triggered by a number of crazy-truly-insane incidences where everyone in my life – everyone, even strangers – started behaving completely out of character. Like they were different people. Or not people at all. It made me go literally insane.

    I decided I was the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary and that a famous rap musician – Eminem – was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Prior to this I was deeply depressed, incredibly not-angry (I was a doormat really, or what you might call an ‘unconscious sheep’) – and highly agnostic. And I detested rap of any kind.

    I was NEVER a fan of Eminem back in the 90’s-2000’s when he was popular. I found him crass and offensive.

    My family had me institutionalized. The entire thing was a nightmare. And it was by far the greatest gift of my life.

    Today I came across this 20-minute ‘message from the pleiadians’ video that rocked my mind and used the same exact words and phrases that felt like they’d been somehow ‘put’ into my head during my period of insanity.

    It was like a voice was speaking into my head that was me, but also not. If that makes sense.

    These days my friends – all of whom cut me off when they presumably considered me insane, and all of whom are now my friends again except they treat me better than ever before – tell me I was ‘lucid’ when I was insane. And that they knew it at the time. In some ways I was at the height of my current potential for awareness. I’m sure of that.

    Coming ‘back to earth’ so to speak felt a whole hell of a lot like that taking-the-red-pill idea from The Matrix. But I love and care about people, particularly since going through all of this. A major part of the awakening was feeling the most intense love imaginable, all the time, for everything on the planet. So I don’t like to worry or upset people.

    I’m also light years beyond more effective at doing what I’m apparently supposed to do – which has much to do with writing – if I’m able to speak their language. If you understand what I mean by that.

    What coincided with my ‘descent into madness’ as I refer to it – largely to cater to people who can’t understand what it really was about – was this compulsion to write. I started a blog Valentine’s Day. It’s gotten 8,500+ hits since then and people all over the world are reading it, apparently. Seems like I’m reaching people. Nothing makes me happier.

    I would so love if you’d check it out. I’ve pulled some posts you might find particularly relevant and linked them below.

    Any thoughts or feedback would be so very much appreciated. I don’t even really know what I’m asking for here. Just – extra guidance maybe. Or inspiration. Or whatever you feel inclined to tell me, especially since this is all so incredibly new. Maybe links to other information or websites that might be enlightening?

    I really don’t do books. One of the things that came out of my whole awakening thing is a powerfully stubborn belief that brevity is totally crucial for writing. To make it accessible, which for me is the entire damn point. It’s supposed to be about achieving effective communication and most certainly not alienating or intimidating others with huge words or formality. This e-mail is certainly not the best example of that – ha. But I’m assuming you’re kind of in the business, or mission, whatever you call it, of listening to people like me who end up with a torrent of thoughts in such cases.

    Thanks so much for your time. This is my email, or I’m also at .

    Feel free to pass all this along if you’re inclined to. I’m not in the least a private kind of person anymore.


    Published piece in Psychology Tomorrow:

    Full blog:


    This is the video I was referring to.

    For what it’s worth, October 14 is my birthday. Year 1984 not 2008 😉 and apparently this woman amended the time frame to Oct. 24-27. I in no way mean to imply I’m somehow ’special or that any of this stuff is ‘about me’. That’s the opposite of what’s happening anyway, as I understand it. To the extent it’s ‘for real’. (Still battling skepticism, sorry.)

    At the same time, I’ve stopped believing in coincidences. So who the hell knows. Maybe you people do.


    And here’s a post I wrote and promptly deleted, because my primary goal is to speak to people who are more like me. Or like how I used to be. It’s crucial. I was afraid this was going too far and might freak them out. Side note – I met Olivier Francois by complete fluke in L.A. while attending UCLA Law. He facilitated me temporarily dropping out of law school and promised me a job at Chrysler, where he is CMO. That’s in Detroit. Which is where Eminem lives.

    He flew me out there and put me up in an apartment on his own dime (by the way, our relationship was not sexual).

    This was right at the onset of my Eminem obsession phase. Interesting the video talks about how we ‘pre-encode’ ourselves with dormant information that will be triggered by certain events. Apparently that can include rap music?

    These aliens if they exist most certainly have a sense of humor. It’s really fun when it doesn’t put me in an insane asylum being threatened with forcible injection of mind numbing anti-psychotics and doctors who won’t listen to me.

    Though even some of that was funny too in retrospect. Believe it or not.

    He took me to dinner with Luis Resto, Eminem’s music composer ever since back in the 90’s. He offered to introduce me to Eminem, as they worked together on that Superbowl Chrysler ‘Imported From Detroit’ commercial from a few years back, which I believe is why Olivier ended up being named Brand Genius of the Year 2012.

    I decided not to meet the ‘man’ (not totally sure ‘man’ is quite the right word for a number of reasons). This makes absolutely zero sense for a person who is totally obsessed to the point of clinical insanity with a celebrity.

    I’ve come to understand there was no need for me to meet him because he was not the point at all, except to the extent his message is a metaphor for the self-assertion and rebelliousness that desperately needed to be tapped into and drawn out in me. His art was more like a proxy for whatever waking up thing I was meant to go through.

    Here’s the deleted piece.

    On Apr 30, 2014, at 1:21 PM, Jessica Hubbard wrote:

    If you want really truly weird, go on and check this out.

    Being crazy can teach you some things, assuming you eventually get out of it. One of the things being crazy taught me is exactly who I am.

    There was this moment a lot of people would call crazy. But it was enlightening as all get out. I was in Detroit because brand-genius-of-the-year-2012-no-joke flew me out there. I went to take a bath. And so this happened.

    I saw a bug in the tub. It looked like that bug in The Matrix they put in people to track them, make them do what they want or whatever is going on there. Point is not particularly pretty. I freaked out. And I calmed down. Got a washcloth and ‘asked’ it to crawl up on the thing (really).

    And it did. Then I carried it outside and started to shake it over the balcony. But it was like the thing disappeared before I could get there. Kind of like it’d never existed at all.

    Then I heard this voice in my head, and yes I may have been somewhat schizophrenic at the time. But I’ve never heard voices – not technically – before or since.

    It said: ‘That was your final test.’

    Well what exactly the fuck is that supposed to mean.

    Here’s what I can tell you. I can’t kill things these days. Not mosquitos or caterpillars or any living creature at all. There’s this whole story on spiders from when I was 18 I’ll save for another time. [It’s now in the ‘weird things started happening’ blog post.

    I’m pretty much a Jainist. It’s weird and people don’t get it, especially in the south.

    So that’s who I am. I can’t kill. Even when stuff disgusts me. I think about whether it’s alive. And if it is – best believe I am not killing it.

    This is the guy. He really is brilliant.

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      Jessica, thank you, and I will try to respond to the intense lengthiness of your comment with something succinct and meaningful, like an arrow finds a target. First, though, let me say congratulations for coming through! Awakening is not for the faint of heart.

      You have some work to do, some light to carry, some hearts to touch, and some minds to trigger open… which you know, which your experience taught you. My own experience that led me to writing and all that I now do was of course different from yours in the details, but every bit as intense in its own way. Every step along the way of letting go of who I was and basically just my grasp on reality proved that not only was this movement inevitable but that I had allies both seen and unseen, and if I just went with it, all would be fine. I can tell you from where I am now, so far, so good. And so it shall be with you, I am sure!

      I’m so happy to hear that your writing is filling your heart! I also had such an experience in 2008, when I started my first blog and got thousands of hits, lots of new friends, and an inestimable feeling of satisfaction that what I was doing was making a difference in people’s lives at a time of confusion in the global awakening. I wish you continued success in every way that thought applies 🙂

      Right now, I’m about to take a short hiatus from the internet with only sporadic access, so I won’t have the opportunity to check out your site indepth for the next week or so. I’ve very much enjoyed reading what you have shared, and see that it is a process of opening for you, which of course hints at greater and greater experiences in the writing… both in what you produce and in how it affects you as the one who the energies and words flow through. So, in my relative absence, and in answer to your questioning, I invite you to visit my close little group on Facebook, where I try to keep the discussions real and relevant, and there are others of like mind who you may enjoy getting some insight from as well (Pleiadian Renegades, at ) I’ve even posted some Eminem videos there. He’s a great light-bearer, I think. I can’t disagree with you there.

      It seems October 14 is a special day for life-changing things. It’s the date of the Norman Conquest of England, the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and coincidentally or not, the day I met my husband. So it has some significance in the cosmic design.

      I hope this brief response is helpful to you, and I’m honored that you share your story here. There is much, much resonance with my experience, and I wish you such love and peace!

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    I have a question for the time transformers, or maybe I just want my voice to be heard, my human voice, yes, the irrational emotional one but is here all the same. Many people have said the true light warriors have given their lives for this huge cause, the upshifting of the planet. I also hear and feel to be true, that there are massive amounts of ships here, and i see them all the time myself right over my house, low down enough that i see them go into the trees. Maybe I feel this gives me an inside view, but no, I still get upset. Is not everyones life valuable? Is getting hit by a bus not an equal death, for instance?

    It sometimes seems that we are pushed to be “perfect” light beings ourselves, and if not, well, we can just die? Whatever happened to support for ALL of us? If the human race waits til we are “perfect,” it will be a very long time before we have high technology and brotherly love all around. Are they supporting us all, even the stragglers like myself, or are they here for the bravest and the best? It IS a choice, but if I had my call, I would help especially the ones having a harder time. We can evolve with clean technology and advanced therapy as well. I know it is more complicated than this, but I just feel dropped off here and left, do or die. Thank You for listening. Much love and respect, Danielle 11:44am


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