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Witnesses Will Speak

Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click twice for larger view
Thinking I would be writing, I picked up the pen one November evening, and watched the symbols of another language trace their way across, then down, then across the paper. Another drawing began.

Let’s walk through it in the order the drawing took form. You can click on any of these images for a much closer and more detailed look. Click on the image to the right for a full view of the whole picture (click it again once it’s open to get really close-up to it). 

Note: Some insights from readers are posted below.


Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click for larger view

The layout for this message is unusual. Why it’s structured this way, I don’t know, as I can only put the ink on the paper and go from there. I can’t actually “read” this language. However, this particular inscription came through with great flow and grace, and the horizontal-vertical arrangement struck me as a kind of galactic haiku. Perhaps the translation, enigmatic as always, mirrors that thought:

Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click for larger view

In one moment of understanding
Will your world forever alter
the current of time’s flow.
You approach the reckoning
in which all becomes as new.

This, as foreboding as it may be to some, is in total alignment with many of the transmissions that have been coming through from the League of Light recently. It’s also in step with what others are saying, from other disciplines. That change is imminent, not just a click on the dial but a whole new reality. Massive shift.


To help support the awakening to what history is about to reveal, I have been collecting a library of videos on various subjects germane to the scope of the change we face. You’ll find it here, in the Mind of Sight video collection. I invite you to browse through the subjects as you are drawn, keeping in mind that it’s a work in progress and I’m constantly having to rebuild sections as source material mysteriously disappears from the internet altogether. To stay up to date with new additions, which happen every week, get the newsletter or check in to the home page of Nine’s Path, where you’ll find a handy list of “New on Mind of Sight” videos. Newsletter bonus: A weekly focus on a particular video addition, plus a suggestion for weekend viewing to stimulate your mind, heart, and curiosity.

Okay, back to the drawing.


Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click for larger view

Now we come to the lower right corner of the drawing. This section came next, tracing out what seems to be a horned creature in the corner facing an amorphous sort-of-birdlike creature coming in under the aegis of 9. I’m not sure, is that a syringe or a rocket behind him, or something else? Is he about to run away, his right leg twisted, or is that a tail? Share your thoughts in the comments, or in the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group.

The phrase “Witnesses will speak” at the very bottom of this page, was actually the very last thing inscribed on the whole piece. Almost like a whisper, tying up the transmission. How it relates to the translated passage above, I don’t know. There are so many things that have been witnessed and kept silent. Perhaps now, finally, those who know will be permitted to speak, unobstructed, bearing the truth.


Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click for larger view

In the upper right corner came what looks like a figure with its leg twisted behind it (much like the smaller figure below it, in the bottom right corner of the page). Hands up in the air, it seems to be approached by a projectile of some type. Rocket, missile, bullet, truth? Its head shape is curious, with a tuft of hair sticking up on top. Also curious is the belt, button/badge, and something (gun?) in the hip pocket area. Is this a man in uniform?

The characters below it are likewise curious. The first seems to be the numeral 1. I welcome your comments on what you see in the rest of the characters. Perhaps it’s not a recognizable language, perhaps it’s encoded. This is for us to decipher.


Nine's Path Pleiadian channeled drawing automatic
Click for larger view

Finally, in the lower corner, an odd little creature squats, with a word balloon coming from its mouth. At first, I thought perhaps it says “In xx years.” but not sure. Also not sure what is inscribed below it… Flight passage in 5?

A note on 5: This number appears very clearly on every picture I receive through these automatic drawing transmissions. In the paradigm of 9, which is laid out fully in the book Opalescence, 5 is the number of world creation, arrangement, organizing how you want your reality to be, reflection on how reality is manifested.

The figure itself seems to be a small-ish man with sparse hair, arms outstretched either in pleading or spell-casting, or… ? Again, his back leg is twisted up behind him. Perhaps this is in preparation to flee. Or perhaps it is a tail.

What do you see?

In one moment of understanding will your world forever alter the current of time's flow. You approach the reckoning in which all becomes as new. #ninespath #pleiadians #greatawakening Share on X

UPDATES: Some insights from readers shared here

Definitely seeing “in 3 years” with 3 written on its back in the lil guy’s speech bubble, then ‘flight ((something)) in 5’ next to that. Like he’s telling us to be ready to board a flight within that time frame. The gate is opening… I agree with your ‘passage’ reading – but it’s like it’s been spelled phonetically as “patsidge”.

I see the object behind the demon in a top-hat (bottom right) with the P spirit approaching under the aegis of 9, that you thought might be a syringe, as a bell that’s ringing – the little things behind it are chimes. A times-up sort of bell. The witnesses will speak, so the end of the game has come for this/these being/s. I read the above as ‘empty the ((something))ful’ – looks like fonyful?! I get the sense of something deceitful that has been feasting at a table (or perhaps winning at a rigged card game) has had time called on it.

I see the cop’s words (top right) as ‘I stey up’ (I stay up) – he’s keeping his hands up in surrender. An army standing down/surrendering, perhaps all armies?

… Oh you know what else jumped out? “IN 3 MEMES” As in, we’re gonna explain this in 3 memes or pictures.  — Lois

Bottom right devil guy seems to be looking at the shape to it’s left…and I feel that shape is the State of Virginia in the US. Words above that area are Empty The (Zhyful??). Last word is a wild guess. Feels to me the little ‘o’ in there after the 1st letter is a mark of some kind but not a letter in the word.

For the guy at the top right…he feels like a runner crossing the tape at the finish line with hands in the air. So perhaps related to the ‘In the moment of understanding…’ phrase and we are winners crossing that line. Don’t have a take on the text below running man.

For the entity on bottom left my sense of the words in the bubble are In U Gears. And then the words below that are hard… I get the sense the top word is meant to convey ‘light’ (illght?). Don’t have a feel for that next word.

I also was feeling the memes word. Some of the writing is conveying to me a message for the word even if it isn’t spelled that way in our common understanding. I mostly felt the last word was ‘dreams’ even tho it doesn’t spell that way and years, gears, or memes may be closer in spelling. Maybe we are meant to start ‘feeling’ the symbols/words rather than reading them? — Bill

Interesting! What I see written at the bottom of the page appears to be the word LIGHT. Also in the word balloon the man appears to be saying IN IT THERE IS. Below the word that appears to say LIGHT is what looks to be the word PATH but that’s only half of the word. Could it say PATHWAY? Maryann you’ve already said that the number 5 means world creation. I wonder if it could mean LIGHTED PATHWAY TO WORLD CREATION. — Lynn

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