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Torpid Autumn Days

torpid autumn days
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With an expectancy in the air, these days are filled with a sense of “something” about to happen. That in itself is no different than what many people have been feeling for a very long time. What’s different now is what seems to be an increase in the appearance of markers, personal and otherwise, and a simultaneous willingness to release what’s been causing drag.

So it was no surprise to see the element of surprise be part of this transmission (dated October 2, 2019). Let’s walk through it in the order the drawing took form. You can click on any of these images for a much closer and more detailed look.


torpid autumn days
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The first lines the pen drew took the form of the deer-like creature at the top of the page. Your interpretations on that are welcome, as I have no solid opinions of my own to offer on its meaning. Perhaps it is shamanic.

Such a creature has appeared in other drawings, most notably the unicorn-like animal I see galloping above the Mediterranean (my take on this enigmatic drawing, which is discussed here). It’s well worth looking at that drawing, perhaps in conjunction with this one. Although it took form some years ago, there is no time dependency on any of the messages, written or drawn, that come from the League of Light. They speak when they are seen.

Two figures then emerged just below and to the left, little guys. Are they dancing? Kung-fu fighting?


torpid autumn days
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The action of drawing kicked up a notch with the next figure, which as I look at it seems to be three figures in one. The main central figure appears to be a fat “man”, mouth agape and tongue waving, holding aloft a small creature in his hand which strikes me as looking down and screaming. Is something about to become lunch? Just behind him, to the lower right, a tall figure with knobby knees, horns, and a tail looks away. I felt immediately this was a devil-like creature. The last part if it to come out was what I felt was a wing, though it’s not clear in the final drawing whether it’s part of him or the large, fat fellow above. I’m sticking with my initial impression that it’s a wing and signifies a fallen angel-type being. Voracious appetite nonetheless.


torpid autumn days
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Next came the lower right corner. I see flames (see the large picture above for detail on that). While I was drawing, I thought maybe a phoenix or pair of flaming birds in battle, one of which is disintegrating. The two horizontal flat “clouds” are also part of this vignette.

Above this next was written the symbol-text and the translation: “Thus will you know it is time to come home,” with the few small figures below it.

Following that, the shapes at the lower left corner of the page. Perhaps they are maps? If so, I vaguely see Europe. But that’s just a guess. This is of course open to discussion, so if you see something, please share your thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers.


torpid autumn days
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Last and crowning it all came a long text in ET script, which flows into a fairly cryptic translation. Intriguing:

In the torpid autumn days
a great urgency takes form
on the world of endeavour, and by surprise
are many put into confrontation
with the last thing they expected.
Be aware and in grace.

Ok, I had to sit with this a minute. And I’ll admit, I had to refresh my memory on what “torpid” connotes, fully.

torpid: Mentally or physically inactive; lethargic. Dormant, especially in hibernation.

The last several months have been energetic but at this point, I’m ready for a break. It feels like pajamas and hot cocoa weather is settling in soon, and I want to get a head start on it. Or maybe pop some popcorn in preparation for whatever drama is taking shape to break up on the shores of our collective attention screen.

In the torpid autumn days a great urgency takes form on the world of endeavour, and by surprise are many put into confrontation with the last thing they expected. #ninespath #pleiadians #greatawakening Share on X

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