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A Kind of Reassurance and a Question for You

Somebody left the door unlocked after everyone was in, and what do you think happened? Lots of doom came blowing in, and with it, some not-too-savory characters came in to see what could be done to fatten their bellies. I am, of course, speaking figuratively about your early history and the demonic source of trouble that planted itself amid the seeds of love’s garden. Over the course of millennia, you came to realize your space was shared by shadows, but the weeds had by that time established themselves firmly in the matrix of your reality. The time has come for kings to move aside, for Nature to right wrongs, and for you to see what is meant by “global awakening.”

War will only be part of the equation. There will also be many reality shifters related to unseen factors, such as social upheaval, natural course of Earth becoming unstable, and quite a lot of earthquakes cropping up. Nothing like the kind of scale you’ve seen before will you see soon. When things start moving, they keep moving. Now, let us tell you a little about the next phase of your planet’s reality shifting into a new dimensional weave. It will put things in perspective.

Knowledge of your species history is different than knowledge of your planetary history, but there are some social and, less importantly, political similarities that are of a long-term prevalence in the collective memory of Earth humans that has a common thread with galactic humanity in general. You see the shape of more or less the same kind of human historical drama amounting to a holographic representation of what has gone before on other worlds. You have not fallen into a trap doomed to endless repetition of a hopeless scenario of enslavement and repression, nor are you under the rule of an all-powerful god who wants to teach you a lesson in humility and salvation. These are both parts of the past all humans share. They are not part of the natural development of human civilization but the result of the influence of a race of non-human galactically based beings exploring the conscious universe according to their own way. When confronted with the dominance of another species, the humans of Lyra coordinated their own last-chance scenario and took many different courses of action. Some were annihilated, some were enslaved, some chose polarity shift and became like the attackers, some left and branched off into new human salient civilizations. Some fell into the beliefs infused into their mental energetics that they needed the supremacy of another race to assure their well-being in time, and some felt that they were a special race of beings because the attackers chose to teach them about the knowledge of war and life management technologies designed to subjugate and keep others within a matrix of illusion.

You are seeing these playing out in your world today. They are the vestiges of a racial memory that spans the galaxy and the fields of time beyond the limitations of your planetary matrix. You are about to come face to face with remembrance, dear ones, and when you see the reflections of memory within the knowledge of who you have thought yourselves to be, you will see that there is no difference between you and us except for the reckoning of time. And that is becoming less of a concern, as soon time will collapse on itself in the collision setting it back to its rightful tick-tock and relieving the tension of a racial memory long overdue a revisionary synchronization.

Certain factions of the underground operatives of our Pleiadian family of light have been long awaiting the time of release from a mission that has been eons of your time in the making. We are here to support their transition from their role as Nemesis’ assistants and light’s benefactors into their pure selves as humans of Pleiadian or other galactic nature. We are here to meet the ones who have kept themselves aligned with the human lineage of stellar awareness and OM within their core vibration. We have been waiting to let you in on our presence until the time had come for there to be open and broad communication unimpeded by the charge of static noise made by the same ones who brought your ancestors so much grief. We are here to remind you that you are not lost to time or to memory and that the collective source of your current mental and social disorders as a civilization of Earth is not as real as your light. You are waiting for something to happen. We are here to tell you that something is happening already and the dark shadows are facing the light of their own demise. You bear that light, and in your collective radiance, nothing can stand that is not love in awareness of self.

Last thing: Remembering will be a full-time job now. New realizations will come. Keep your awareness aligned with your OM within. Your light emanates from OM, as we call the knowable divine. OM impulses light through the structure of your body and keeps beingness being. You are a resonance overtone of OM and you have brought that resonance into form and given it movement and a voice. A soul enlivens you and memory links you in a network of awareness within the matrix of a specific timespace of Now. As the matrix experiences love, you feel OM playing. Possibility shifts into memory and a knowingness arises from within your collective. This is the beginning of remembrance. Do you feel it?

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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    I often feel about Pleiadians as they are actually we coming from the distant future. Time travellers.
    Then know so much about us and I can really feel very strong connection with them. Brothers and Sisters.

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    Would the “up-coming” earth-quakes be the HAARP installations to maintain congress as the manager of human trafficking on planet earth that you speak of?

    Sorry this is old scare-factory story and i for one ain’t buying it.
    We now know who it is doing what to assist the demise of the global human and animal populations to extinction for the benefit of few. That is a fact demonstrated daily by poisoning the air all of nature breathes. Just look up and observe the jets spraying tetra-alaminum, commonly known by the military expression, Chemtrails.

    All the problems stem right here on earth.
    Work the problems peeps not the fantasy.
    Congress and Parliment are the enemy of all earth.

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    It is already September 6th and yet we still do not remember who are are.
    Doesn’t the time tell the truth – this message doesn’t give the accurate info.
    It is so obvious this message doesn’t live up to it claims.

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      Remembrance is a funny thing. It can only be done on the personal level, and from there spark the collective. Every person who reaches some interface with self-understanding contributes to the global remembrance, yet it is not yet something that any of us has in full grip. I have things to remember, and I’m sure you do too. If you’re waiting for an earthquake to happen in your back yard or for 100% of humanity to be on the same level of understanding, you will wait. And wait. There is something yet to tend to in your own back yard, however, and that (in the timeless words of Voltaire) cultivating your own garden.

      This message doesn’t give any date, so I’m not sure you can say it doesn’t give accurate info, when in fact there are shifts happening everywhere. Look deeper, allow that you are not in full possession of all the facts, all the secrets, or all the memories yet to be revealed. We can only receive what we are prepared for. Waiting for something to NOT happen so there’s something or someone to blame for being wrong may be helpful for some people, but if it’s not with the intention of helping the collective memory of humanity know itself, such a comment may not really live up to whatever the intention might be otherwise.

      There’s nothing inaccurate in the message, but there might be some expectation it doesn’t meet, and looking where that expectation springs from might yield some more helpful information. Remember who YOU are, and the rest will fall into place. The message makes no claims but does pose a question:

      “As the matrix experiences love, you feel OM playing. Possibility shifts into memory and a knowingness arises from within your collective. This is the beginning of remembrance. Do you feel it?”


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